Best Places to Retire in Italy


If you prefer the slower pace of life without giving up beauty, look no further than Puglia. Often overlooked by tourists but offering fresh local cuisine at an economical cost of living. The Amazing fact about best place to retire in Italy.

Other top retirement choices in Italy may be found in mountainous regions like Marche (commonly referred to as Le Marche). Here, you’ll find everything Italy offers – cultural history, delicious cuisine, and beautiful landscapes all rolled into one.


Liguria, Italy’s western coast region, is a picturesque paradise with charming villages and beaches. A popular retirement spot, Liguria provides warm temperatures, delicious cuisine, breathtaking scenery, and spectacular weather – an ideal opportunity to discover its rich history and culture.

Arezzo is an excellent retirement choice in Italy, known for its medieval and Renaissance buildings, as well as being featured in Roberto Benigni’s Academy Award-winning movie, Life Is Beautiful. Additionally, Arezzo provides an affordable living cost with rich cultural experiences. Residents here enjoy relaxing lifestyles characterized by rich experiences.

Tuscany region is another excellent option for retirees looking to live the Italian life. Renowned for its exquisite food, world-famous wine, stunning scenery, and superior quality of life – not to mention an active expat community in Florence itself, making Tuscany an attractive retirement option.

Lazio is another ideal location for retiring in Italy. Home to a thriving expat community and boasting low cost-of-living, Lazio offers plenty of hiking and biking trails, making it a good fit for outdoor enthusiasts.

Abruzzo, an idyllic southern region, is becoming increasingly sought-after as an ideal retirement spot. Bounded by the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains, Abruzzo boasts stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture – making it the perfect place to enjoy golden years.

Selecting an ideal place to retire in Italy can be an individual decision; consider both budget and lifestyle issues before making a final decision. Italy boasts many attractive cities for retirees, such as Rome and Milan; for those on a tight budget, Le Marche may offer more reasonable living standards at lower costs.

No matter where you decide to retire in Italy, you will enjoy experiencing its culture and cuisine at its best. Be sure to conduct proper research to find your perfect location!

Cinque Terre

Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed expresso and walking through beautiful Italian piazzas where everyone knows your name – this dream comes true for many expats who choose Italy for retirement, known for its Mediterranean climate and vibrant food and wine culture. However, selecting an ideal location may prove challenging, so we have compiled this list of the best places in Italy to retire so you can find your perfect spot.

Are You Searching for an Idle Place to Retire in Italy? Marche may be just what you need! Near the Adriatic Sea, Marche offers smaller towns and villages that provide authentic Italian life experiences. Additionally, Marche has one of the highest HDI scores and lowest cost-of-living figures nationwide.

Abruzzo region is another hidden treasure, offering medieval towns amid national parks and stunning mountain scenery. Less tourist-driven than other regions in Italy, Abruzzo provides the ideal getaway from everyday city life.

Lombardy in northern Italy is another top choice for retirees. Renowned for its beautiful natural spaces and luxurious lifestyle, this region is home to Milan, one of the world’s fashion capitals with an abundant shopping scene and renowned fashion houses such as Versace. Furthermore, being near Switzerland and the Alps makes skiing and other winter sports easily accessible.

Tuscany is an attractive choice for expats looking for the ideal combination of culture and natural beauty. Home to world-famous cities like Florence and Pisa, as well as numerous vineyards and charming countryside villages, Tuscany boasts an excellent quality of life and a large expat community.

Lazio, home to Rome, is another popular retirement destination in Italy. This region attracts people who prioritize healthcare and have in-depth knowledge of Italian. Additionally, this region features private and public hospitals with English-speaking services nearby; besides, there is an affordable living cost and great weather!


While Italy can have higher costs of living compared to other European countries, there are ways you can still have a comfortable retirement. Marche is located between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic Sea and offers lower living costs without compromising quality of life – ideal whether you prefer urban living or countryside retirement towns! Whatever suits you best can be found somewhere in Italy!

Milan is an excellent option for retirees looking to live luxuriously. A world-renowned fashion center and global hub of finance, design, and culture, Milan boasts high-end luxury shops and notable museums and landmarks like Sforza Castle and La Scala opera house – not forgetting an impressive outdoor scene.

If you prefer a more leisurely retirement lifestyle, why not retire in Pisa, Italy’s historic Italian city renowned for its Leaning Tower and Renaissance/Medieval architecture? Pisa makes for an incredible retirement location, while its delicious cuisine and wine will keep you satisfied throughout your retirement years.

For anyone considering retirement in Italy, another excellent region to consider is Abruzzo in central Italy. With its stunning mountain peaks and picturesque surroundings complemented by exquisite cuisine, Abruzzo makes an attractive retirement destination with low living costs that are more cost-effective.

If you are considering retiring in Italy, research its regions before selecting one as your retirement home. Your region choice will have a profound effect on the experience. When making this decision, consider location factors such as cost of living and healthcare costs and factors like ethnic heritage when selecting your new location.


Tuscany is an attractive retirement destination. Home to several UNESCO-listed towns and rural countryside dotted with vineyards, along with villages boasting grandiose buildings in impeccable condition – Tuscany also draws many retirees for its world-famous cuisine and laidback lifestyle. Florence is an example of Tuscany’s charm, with beautiful Renaissance architecture and historic streets; another popular draw is Pisa’s Leaning Tower of Pisa, which draws tourists and expats alike. While living costs in Tuscany may be higher than elsewhere in Italy compared with other Italian regions – Tuscany makes an ideal destination for retirees looking for an authentic Italian lifestyle experience!

If you seek luxury and comfort, look no further than Lombardy. This northern region, home to fashion power Milan and beautiful natural spaces like Lake Como, boasts an active cultural scene and luxurious shopping destinations favored by retirees with plenty of disposable income.

Puglia in southern Italy offers another excellent retirement destination. Renowned for its stunning beaches and coastal scenery – ideal for water enthusiasts – Puglia stands out as an agricultural powerhouse, producing more olive oil than anywhere else in Italy and offering delicious yet healthy cuisine featuring plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Sicily, an idyllic southern island known for its spectacular views in Italy, provides some of the most stunning backdrops in Europe. Home to ancient ruins, picturesque cliffs, beautiful beaches, and two national parks that draw nature enthusiasts. Furthermore, this area is famed for its excellent restaurants serving Mediterranean dishes. Additionally, numerous cities in Sicily offer multiple beach options that cater to beachgoers looking for relaxation.

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