Pontoon Boat Rentals


Pontoon boats provide an excellent way to cruise, relax, and fish on tranquil bodies of water. These vessels can accommodate between six and 12 individuals at one time and run on gasoline fuel. The best guide to finding Malta Charters.

Boat rentals can be rented for half or full days and typically require that you possess a boater’s license as well as the appropriate number of life jackets for everyone on board.


If you’re curious about pontoon boating but don’t want the commitment of purchasing and finding somewhere for storage, renting is a viable alternative. Many local marinas and private owners offer pontoon boats for daily rental; choose one equipped with couches, tables, Bluetooth entertainment systems, or couches as per your group of friends or family needs – just be sure to verify what rules/regulations pertain to food/drink and other items to bring with you onboard before signing the rental contract!

Typically, to rent a pontoon boat, you must be 25 or over and have a valid driver’s license. Some states also require boater education certificates prior to renting watercraft; it is also wise to read any rental agreements carefully for more details on their terms.

The price for renting a pontoon boat depends on a range of factors, including age and model of boat, season (high/low), length of rental period, cost of extras like fishing equipment or propane grill rental, and deposit requirements (usually refundable if weather or cancellation occur within 48 hours).


If you’re planning a fishing expedition on a lake, river bank, or bay, pontoon boats make an ideal craft. Equipped with fish stations, live wells, trolling motors, and additional cleaning fees for fish guts and bait residue that accumulate on them after their use, renting one may require prior arrangement with a rental company to determine its policies and fees before planning your voyage.

Rental agencies typically require customers who rent pontoon boats to be at least 21 years old in order to rent them. If your vessel features a powerful motor, passing a boat safety course and receiving a boater’s card may also be necessary if operating the ship alone. If you’re under 21, however, the pontoon must still be captained by someone aged 21 or above.

Some pontoon rentals include captains that will take you out to different bars and restaurants around the lake, providing an overview of its history as you cruise between bars. These types of boat rentals often cost more than their non-captained counterparts; fuel fees will also apply during your time on the water.


Pontoon boats place great emphasis on passenger safety. A number of measures are put in place to ensure this, such as life jackets, visual signals, and throwable devices. Life jackets must be Coast Guard approved and fitted appropriately – meaning tight enough that they stay on when someone falls off – yet not so tight that they come off too quickly should someone fall. Every passenger should bring along waterproof sunscreen, waterproof flashlights, and first aid kits with them for added peace of mind.

Pontoon rental services generally keep an eye on the weather forecast and won’t permit you to use their boat if a storm is imminent, knowing that pontoon boats cannot withstand intense storm conditions without suffering injuries or property damage.

Pontoon boats take precautions such as noise-making equipment such as whistles or horns, marine sanitation devices for toilets, visual distress signals such as flares or smoke signals, and Downed Skier Flags to alert other drivers on the lake of their location and allow you to bring back someone safely aboard your vessel.


Pontoon boats make an excellent choice for family beach days, bachelorette parties, or group getaways. As the most spacious type of rental boat available today, pontoon boats feature wide open floor plans with plenty of room for seating or standing; plus, they have built-in Bluetooth entertainment systems to bring along favorite tunes! Many pontoon boat rental companies even provide water slides to add even more fun to the water!

One advantage of renting a pontoon boat rental is their ease of operation; even those used to driving cars should find them straightforward to operate. Some pontoon rental companies even provide training sessions before each rental trip!

30A Pontoon Rentals of Destin, Florida, offers pontoon boat rentals suitable for every occasion and season, including 150HP and 200HP pontoons with seating for 12 or more. Prices fluctuate throughout the year depending on demand: as summertime rolls in, more people want to experience life on the water; by winter, they become less popular, and their costs decline accordingly.

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