Best DPS Heroes in Overwatch 2


Tracer is a mighty DPS hero with a high skill ceiling who excels at long and midrange engagements due to her ADS fire and Coach Gun capabilities. She makes for an effective all-round fighter. What do you consider about 3v3 Tay.

She can be an effective counter to dive setups due to her high rate of damage combined with Dynamite and an extremely secure turret, making her an excellent addition to any team.


Tracer stands out among Overwatch 2’s DPS heroes by wielding two rapid-fire pistols, possessing high mobility, and possessing the ability to reverse time. She excels at disrupting enemy formations by flanking pesky support and tank heroes while striking against their healers or weak points – an invaluable weapon against opponents with healer support or tank support heroes. Furthermore, Tracer’s kit is considerably simpler than some DPS options and would make her an excellent pick for novice players as well as experienced ones looking to develop their skills.

Tracer’s core skill is Blink, a short burst of movement that allows her to traverse the map and catch enemies off-guard quickly. She can use time travel to avoid her opponent’s sniper shots by blinking away soon to a different location and using Recall to return three seconds to where she was, thus restoring her health and eliminating status effects she may have endured during that period.

Echo’s tri-shot primary fire can quickly reduce opponents’ health at mid-range, and her Focus Beam ultimate is an instantaneous mid-range stun that breaks through shields to deal incredible damage. She’s an ideal hero for harassing enemies and forcing them into changing their positioning; using sound power, she teleports directly towards unwitting targets or uses her cloaking device to remain invisible for short durations and create a warp point that she can return to in times of peril.


Sojourn is an outstanding DPS hero with high damage output and incredible mobility, but her skill set is quite complex, necessitating mechanical solid skills to execute consistently and competitively. Therefore, Sojourn boasts an extremely high skill ceiling, which allows her to dominate pro and high-ranked leaderboards; however, it can be frustrating for beginners who have just started playing Sojourn.

Sojourn’s primary weapon is an automatic railgun with a high rate of fire that allows her to build up energy from 100 points into one powerful shot, making her extremely dangerous in battle. Her secondary fire can pierce enemies for added damage output – both this and Overclock contribute to her immense damage output, giving Sojourn an impressive damage output and impressive mobility with her Coach Gun and Power Slide abilities, allowing her to slide around while shooting and jumping high into the sky at incredible rates of speed!

Sojourn’s Coach Gun can break through barriers, making her particularly useful against enemies with tanks or multiple shields, while it also serves to escape tight positions. Her ultimate, Overclock, allows her to use alternate fire without using primary fire and charge up energy faster – two major drawbacks other frontline heroes have: self-heals. Nevertheless, Sojourn makes up for it with impressive mobility, making her ideal if you enjoy long-range sniping and tank-killing, as well as using Biotic Grenades effectively against enemy tanks – making her a great hero to play when looking for tanks and shields!


Hanzo stands out as an unparalleled DPS hero in Overwatch with his superior range and precise hits, making him one of the premier damage dealers. His Storm Bow can take down tanks with one full charge; five rapid-fire arrows at reduced damage can also be fired rapidly, while his Sonic Arrow provides brief visibility for enemies nearby.

Hanzo excels at finding safe opportunities to snipe. His double jump allows him to avoid dangerous enemy players safely, while his ability to climb walls allows for high vantage point attacks from above! Plus, he can summon his spirit dragon for additional support!

Widowmaker remains a powerful DPS option, but her long sightlines leave her vulnerable against flank attacks. If Widowmaker gets too close, her opponents can often outshout her if they get close enough, so it is crucial that creative spots can be found where Widowmaker can fight from a safe distance.

Ashe is a compelling DPS hero thanks to her burst damage, close-range performance, and mobility options. Her Coach Gun can cause significant damage against grouped enemies, while her ultimate ability enables her to attack uncoordinated dive heroes without risking her life in doing so.


Junkrat is an adept damage dealer and adept at pushing objectives by setting traps. His Concussion Mine provides muscular mobility, while his Frag Launcher deals great (albeit inaccurate) damage. Junkrat also boasts Total Mayhem, which allows him to set a trap that kills enemies within an extended radius after death.

He boasts an efficient arsenal, featuring close-range poke potential and the power to punish grouped enemies with Dynamite. However, his kit may need help against more agile heroes like Tracer, who rely heavily on ranged combat.

Sojourn is an excellent DPS hero to lead. She has excellent matchups against most dive heroes this season and can still hold up in a brawl composition with her powerful disruptor shots.

Strong knowledge of maps enables Sojourn players to quickly assemble teams to push into highly contested areas and eliminate enemy teams rapidly. But she must avoid needlessly prolonging engagements by prioritizing objectives over protracted fights in order to prevent unnecessary deaths. Also, always try anticipating enemy positions and communicating with teammates so as to avoid uncoordinated attacks; an experienced Sojourn player will make use of mobility and firepower in order to dominate DPS meta games.


Cyborgs that once served as destructive forces have now transformed into forceful allies in Overwatch 2, thanks to their attraction to nature and increased curiosity about human needs. Now, these once-hostile machines work alongside human teammates on missions of help and rescue to create peace on Earth.

Bastion can be an arduous hero to master, yet skilled players can leverage his versatility to cause havoc among enemy teams. Boasting excellent damage output and mobility capabilities, Bastion can win team fights on its own.

Bastion’s counters may be improving, but no matter what, nothing can completely thwart him. With his high-impact attacks and unparalleled mobility options – he is one of the best DPS heroes in the game!

Tracer has quickly established himself as one of Overwatch 2’s premier DPS heroes with their massive damage output and ability to instantly disable an enemy ultimate, becoming one of the game’s dominant forces.

Reaper stands tall atop A tier due to his close-range lethality. His arsenal of shotguns and sniper rifles can quickly clear away any enemy group in his path, making him an indispensable choice for damage dealers looking for an edge in combat.


As Overwatch 2’s meta has matured, we’ve spent considerable time assessing damage heroes to gain an understanding of which are effective and which should be avoided. The mid-season update that introduced Ana’s nerfing and Junker Queen into the game has had an immediate impact on hero selection, with some becoming much more popular than before.

DPS heroes continue to be essential in today’s competitive environment, especially where there are limited tanks and high-damage heroes available. Given the proper team composition, these DPS specialists can reign supreme by unleashing quick combos and merciless aggression across the battlefield. However, being successful requires more than simply having great aim — communication, positioning, and prioritization play an integral role in the success of DPS heroes.

Echo holds firm to C tier due to her hitscan damage and cloning ultimate, making her easy for newer players and fitting easily into almost any comp. Unfortunately, two main challenges prevent Echo from rising to A tier: she is easily countered by enemy dive heroes and finds it challenging to deal significant damage against heavy tanks such as Doomfist or Ramattra.

Ashe is a compelling DPS hero with impressive long-range damage output and decent close-range performance. She makes for the ideal hero on teams that prioritize secure positioning, as her Coach Gun and Dynamite can instantly punish grouped-up enemies for any defensive weakness they present.

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