IGT and Xaya Provide Reliable Igaming Solutions


Platform integrity and security are critical in the world of gaming. A reliable partner should prioritize constant monitoring and employ preventative mitigation strategies to avoid performance bottlenecks while guaranteeing their users a stable, secure environment. To know more, check out https://licensegentlemen.com/anjouan-license/

Experienced software development firms have established workflows to facilitate efficient project management and reduce time-to-market. Furthermore, these organizations have extensive knowledge of cloud application modernization and DevOps procedures.

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Xaya is a blockchain platform that enables developers to create decentralized gaming ecosystems. Founded in 2014 by Huntercoin – one of the pioneering play-to-earn games ever conceived – which allowed players to collect coins from virtual universes before trading them for real-world cash – the Xaya team now specializes in building tools to run fully decentralized gaming systems on player-run blockchain ecosystems; their native CHI token is available now on Uniswap Smart Chain as well as Ethereum Blockchain platforms.

Xaya’s innovative game engine and blockchain were designed to offer players more transparency and fairness when playing video games, using blockchain technology combined with state channels for decentralized gaming environments where gamers have control of their assets in-game – meaning players can trade them for real cash or other game items if desired. Its innovative approach to gaming has quickly made Xaya one of the industry leaders, revolutionizing our approach to playing games.

This unique gaming platform provides developers and gamers with numerous benefits, with the former being able to build various apps while the latter enjoying more immersive gaming experiences. Furthermore, Xaya’s blockchain technology ensures actual ownership of game assets while helping developers create more intricate and attractive gaming worlds.

Xaya’s security features are another advantage, including ephemeral timestamps that verify transactions as valid and prevent spoofing and other activities that threaten its game system’s integrity. Furthermore, these features reduce the number of apps running on each server to speed up platform usage while decreasing hosting costs associated with hosting games.

Even as a relatively new blockchain gaming platform, Xaya has attracted multiple developers who wish to utilize its infrastructure. Current games include the arcade spaceship game Xayaships, the real-time space strategy game Taurion, and the soccer management game Soccerverse, with plans to add even more titles.


IGT has long been a powerhouse in the gaming industry, first serving brick-and-mortar casinos before expanding to online casino venues. Their extensive library of games can be found at thousands of non-GamStop gambling sites worldwide and has won multiple awards; operators around the globe trust their software. Being listed on the New York Stock Exchange means their reputation must abide by stringent standards.

IGT provides various products and services, such as its Casino Management System (CMS). This system helps casinos manage their operations more efficiently and accurately by tracking player activity, rewarding those for loyalty, identifying top-performing games, and offering comprehensive reporting suites.

The CMS is tailored for small, medium, and large casino enterprises. It can be deployed onsite or via the cloud, providing a flexible architecture suitable for future growth. Furthermore, the CMS meets regulatory reporting requirements and includes hundreds of standard reports.

This casino management system is invaluable to expanding and expanding your business and increasing revenue. Featuring modules that can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of your operation, the ADVANTAGE Casino Management System provides comprehensive support in making informed decisions and increasing bottom-line savings – its features include:

One of the main components of the Casino Management System is machine accounting, which streamlines and simplifies accounting team tasks. Furthermore, this user-friendly feature tracks performance by category to help analyze game selection and revenue; its intuitive user interface enables staff members to monitor gameplay and customer interactions easily while helping to optimize casino floor space and increase profits.

Casino dashboards provide instantaneous access to critical business data and information, including showing which machines perform best and keeping ahead of the competition. In addition, this tool is an effective means of improving customer service and drawing in new players.

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