Discover the Coast of Malta With a Boat Charter


A yacht charter is an ideal way to discover Malta’s stunning coast. This Mediterranean gem offers numerous boating activities, such as swimming on private beaches or discovering ancient harbors. What do you consider about Does boat hire malta?

Sailo’s advanced search filters make it simple to locate a yacht rental in Malta. You can narrow your search by date, location, boat type, price range, and whether or not you would like a skipper onboard.

What to Expect

If you want to maximize the experience of visiting Malta, renting a boat may be the answer. From it, you can reach places that can only be accessed from the sea, such as beautiful beaches, hidden coves, and remnants from Malta’s 7000-year history.

The first step to finding a boat suitable for your group and desired itinerary is to find one on websites like Click and Boat or Steamboat, which offer listings. Some have filters that help narrow your options, such as price, group size, or skippered status – once you find something suitable, send a message with details of your desired trip details directly to the captain – they will provide an offer and let you know.

Before booking a boat, be sure to understand its cancellation policy. Some companies charge a cancellation fee, while others will refund all or part of your payment if weather conditions make sailing unsafe. It’s also essential that you ask what types of food and beverages are included with your reservation.

If possible, book your boat outside the peak summer months of July and August, when heat levels can become overwhelming and marinas become overrun with tourists. May and October offer mild sailing temperatures with significantly fewer crowds.

Bareboat Charters

Malta, situated at the center of the Mediterranean, offers yachters a yachting paradise featuring sandy beaches, ancient heritage sites, and lively culture. A bareboat charter allows visitors to fully appreciate this vibrant island as they discover its sparkling waters and fascinating history at their own pace.

Bareboat charters offer the least costly way to enjoy sailing vacations. In addition to renting the boat itself, you must also bring a passport, proof of citizenship, insurance documents, food and drinks, and personal items such as sleeping bags. You should check with the charter company if additional equipment, such as fishing rods or snorkeling masks, will be necessary for your voyage.

At bareboat charters, you rent the vessel for a set period and take on responsibility for its operation and maintenance. In order to charter successfully, charterers should possess basic knowledge about operating and maintaining sailboats, in addition to possessing a valid boating license.

Most bareboat companies will provide an exhaustive list of what to bring with you for a charter, including linens, towels, a dinghy equipped with an outboard motor and paddles (some even offer grocery delivery service!), full provisions (including groceries delivered right to your charter location!), as well as a refueling service when returning your vessel. They may also have an emergency phone line should any problems arise during your journey – feel free to reach out with any concerns or issues during your voyage!

Skippered Charters

The Maltese archipelago offers a fantastic location to start a boating adventure with a skippered charter. With an expert maritime captain at the helm, your trip will be free from worry as they take care of sailing, mooring, safety, and weather forecasting—giving you more time to focus on enjoying yourself without worry or stress!

If you’re booking a skippered charter yacht, we recommend selecting one with ample room for all members of your group. This is particularly important during peak season when finding one ideally suited to them can be more difficult. Ensuring there are enough spaces onboard is critical to creating a relaxed and stress-free trip, and boarding and disembarking should go smoothly.

The skipper’s duties during your actual trip will depend on your preferences. They typically brief the boat prior to departing, ensure a clean deck, refill gas and water tanks as necessary, and store any non-essential gear before providing safety briefings for each guest on board.

Before renting a boat, ensure to bring along these items:
When to Rent a Boat

June through September is the ideal time of year to rent a boat in Malta. The weather is usually warm and dry, and these months tend to be highly sought-after—booking early is recommended!

No matter your travel goals, Gozo offers something unique. There are three inhabited islands and several uninhabited ones, each with beautiful beaches, crystal waters, and over 7,000 years of history to uncover!

If you want a more relaxing experience on the water, consider taking advantage of a crewed charter with an experienced local skipper to show you all of the best spots around town. This option is especially appealing to those without boat licenses who want to enjoy taking in all of the views without the added stress of operating their vessel themselves.

When selecting a boat, be sure to ask what is included in the price and any extras you should bring with you. For instance, if you would like some food and drinks on board, you should plan accordingly. Furthermore, find out the company’s cancellation policy; some might provide refunds in case lousy weather intervenes on charter day, while others might require you to reschedule your trip for another time or date.