Top Prop Trading Firms


Topstep is one of the premier prop trading firms. Their comprehensive evaluation system ensures only skilled traders receive access to its funding and allows for scalable success for its traders. The Amazing Fact about Prop Trading Firms. Find out the best info about prop trading firms. provides access to up to $4 Million of funding with flexible rules. They also offer a comprehensive educational program for futures traders.


SabioTrade may be relatively new to the prop trading arena, but its unique features are already making waves in its industry. Unlike other firms, this Dublin-based firm recognizes gifted traders by providing additional funds that maximize earning opportunities. Since launching in July 2023, this firm has experienced rapid expansion due to its innovative community management practices and business model.

This platform enables traders from all backgrounds to test their trading abilities on funded accounts up to $200,000 while keeping up to 90% of profits generated, with one of the lowest assessment fees and competitive payouts on offer in the market. Furthermore, they offer one of the lowest assessment fees and competitive payouts, along with an individualized proprietary platform and innovative dashboard for tracking statistics – not to mention a user-friendly interface with over 100 built-in technical analysis tools!

SabioTrade gives traders access to over 250 tradable assets, such as forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and ETFs. SabioDashboard allows traders to track their performance easily while visualizing trading history and identifying patterns quickly. Plus, their multilingual support team offers around-the-clock customer care through live chat on both its platform and social media, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section!

OneUp Trader

OneUp Trader is an innovative prop firm that simplifies the process of becoming a funded trader. Their straightforward evaluation process sets clear, attainable trading targets for new traders to aim for—refreshing in an industry prone to “get rich quick” schemes that often fail.

OneUp Trader traders enjoy an industry-leading payout ratio, receiving up to 100% of their first $10,000 profits as profits. In addition, OneUp Trader provides its traders with free demo accounts so that they can practice before getting started, video tutorials and webinars for further education, and support resources—an attractive feature for traders just beginning in this field or hoping to sharpen up on existing strategies.

Rithmic provides access to market data through its funding partners, enabling its traders to analyze the market with comprehensive and reliable information that allows them to make better trading decisions. In addition, this prop firm stands out from others with its 24/7 tech support available by phone, live chat, nights, and holidays – providing traders with assistance outside regular business hours when needed.


Established in September 2023, this proprietary trading firm made waves when it unveiled a groundbreaking funding method. By consolidating evaluation into one step, traders could access real capital quickly after evaluation to trade futures contracts in their funded accounts post-evaluation. Furthermore, the firm provided cutting-edge trading platforms and flexible profit-splitting models, along with support for multiple funded accounts and various futures contract types.

Flexible trading rules, solid profit payouts, and quick withdrawals make the platform attractive to prop traders. Furthermore, its commitment to transparency and program model clarity make investing with them even easier – giving you all of the information required before making decisions regarding how and where to put your money. In addition, their emphasis on data security and risk management provides for a safe trading experience.

MyFundedFutures allows traders to trade on either Rithmic or CQG (Tradovate) platforms, depending on their preference. They may also connect third-party software such as Jigsaw DayTradr or Bookmap for added flexibility. Plus, they keep their first $10,000 profit completely free via a 100% profit split, making MyFundedFutures one of the premier prop firms for beginners.


FTMO is a prop trading firm offering funded accounts to traders of all skill levels. Its features, accounts, and resources help develop trader skills while unleashing strategies’ full potential. As a regulated broker using high-security protocols to protect trader funds, I have years of experience and thousands of satisfied traders.

FTMO stands out from many prop firms by not restricting your trading options or only catering to forex trading. Instead, this company gives access to all markets, including stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency trading, and commodities. They even offer free practice accounts, so you can try their platform before opening a funded account with them. They also provide their Traders’ Log tool so you can track performance and identify areas for improvement.

To qualify for a funded account with FTMO, you must pass their Challenge and pay their fee. After doing this, you can start trading using their capital; once this occurs, you may retain up to 90-80% of profits depending on your risk profile and trading strategy.

FTMO also provides traders with additional tools and resources, including the MetriX trading journal, performance coaches, and an equity simulator. You can connect your FTMO account with the MT4 or cTrader apps on desktop or mobile devices to monitor trades from your desktop or mobile devices.

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