Incredible 130-Foot Catamaran


Yachts are for amusement rides through the blue water of the seas. ISA yachts have now brought a new boat for the yacht ride enthusiasts where you can get all kinds of facilities and huge space. The 130-foot long yacht in Italian outfit is now operational around the Kornati islands (near Zadar) and is managed by the Palumbo group. They have unveiled the monohull boat in a body to create a broader appeal to the people who like to ride yachts.

An amusement ride is nothing without proper facilities and luxury. The makers of this power cat have kept all the aspects in their minds so that the people riding in it don’t feel bored. The monohull also has a name, Zeffiro. It combines all possible modern facilities that can be made available.

Among the most important features of this catamaran is its 42.6 ft beam. This beam provides it with the volume of a larger monohull boat which helps it sail on the water properly. The famous yacht designer Berret Racoupeau has furnished the yacht’s interior with all kinds of contemporary furniture. It has been designed so that there will be no need for any sort of artificial light during the daytime. The passengers of the yacht will enjoy the beauty of the sea and the sky even from their cabin. Besides that, there are several facilities to enjoy your party with all your near and dear ones.

The facilities to stay there are also very advanced. At the heart of the yacht, you will find the owners’ suit. It is placed at the front of Zeffiro on the main deck. The case is well equipped with a large bed, wardrobe, and desk. There is also a private lounge. The suit is connected with the cockpit, nearly 1000 square feet and equipped with a Jacuzzi. The living area of this yacht is also very spacious and is spread across almost 2000 square feet. It has blended the interiors with the outer part of the yacht well. At the lower deck, there are VIP cabins where there will be no disturbance to the passengers’ privacy at all. All the facilities of the monohull will remind you about a superyacht.

This was the interior of the yacht. Now let’s have a look at the spaces of relaxation. There is plenty of it that will help you keep your body and mind out of the worries of your professional world. There is a fly-bridge with a bimini along with a bar area. This has been designed perfectly for sundowners. You will also be able to keep your fitness journey continuing as there is a gym. Along with all this, the fold-out side wings of the yacht for the beach club attract the passengers more towards it.

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