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Discover employee satisfaction levels at Aston Technologies Inc, including pay, benefits, and culture.


Aston Technologies boasts an impressive set of design capabilities. Their creative and innovative staff can create push notifications, Alexa apps, and music/news apps for digital multimedia organizations; update existing apps with features; create push notifications; update existing ones to add features; always meet deadlines while being friendly and helpful while working within budget constraints.

Aston Martin has long been recognized as a manufacturer of luxury vehicles. However, recently they demonstrated their design skills by unveiling the Volante Vision Concept aircraft as part of their air mobility plans for the future personal air mobility – it combines Aston Martin’s design language with cutting-edge technologies.

Aston Martin maintains numerous industry partnerships, from extensive engineering and science companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, and Boeing to Cranfield University Engineering Academy and small companies contributing their expertise to shaping Aston Martin’s curriculum and pedagogy. Furthermore, Aston Martin partners with universities to provide access to their students and faculty.

Employees at Aston Technologies report an upbeat workplace environment, with most employees feeling happy and contented at their workstations. Their managers are collaborative in supporting staff career progression. Furthermore, Aston provides excellent health insurance and paid time off (PTO) benefits.

Even with its initial difficulties in entering the US market, Aston Technologies has built up a substantial customer base and growing revenues, placing it well-positioned to continue expanding into global markets in the coming years. Over this timeframe, payment will likely increase while margins increase while remaining focused on its core business and investing further in research & development initiatives.


Aston Technologies provides engineering capabilities spanning software development and network security as well as project management and consulting services for its client network infrastructure and security projects nationwide. Aston’s engineers assess, design, implement, troubleshoot, and maintain hardware and software systems. In addition, Aston provides managed IT services for small businesses. Their employees are highly trained professionals with exceptional customer service skills.

This company is known for excellence and innovation, and its engineering teams are comprised of skilled individuals dedicated to their craft. Engineers have proven themselves adept at handling complex tasks while meeting deadlines within budget and staying on schedule, continuously searching for ways to enhance products and processes to meet quality standards, and using cutting-edge technology solutions that offer cost-effective and secure solutions to customers.

Aston Technologies boasts a diverse workforce and is committed to cultivating an inclusive workplace culture. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with over 300 employees worldwide. Aston has sponsored various engineering and sports-related events such as IMechE Formula Student, where students design, build, and race single-seat racing cars designed by students; Aston also partners with Cognizant for faster decision-making in an environment where every millisecond counts.

Employees at Aston Technologies score their overall experience as B+, placing it among the Top 35% of similar-sized companies on Comparably. They rate the quality of coworkers A+ and feel that Aston Technologies clearly understands KPIs and OKRs; however, they are less satisfied with their compensation package (pay, stock/equity ownership/benefits).


Aston Martin offers manufacturing capabilities spanning machining, sheet metal fabrication, and electrical assembly. Additionally, their in-house bespoke division Q by Aston Martin has developed numerous iconic one-off vehicles and low-volume specials explicitly tailored to customer requests, featuring Aston Martin’s famed engineering mastery combined with exquisite beauty and extreme customization options.

Aston Martin is expanding its electrification roadmap with a partnership to develop custom battery cell technology with Britishvolt. This partnership will enable Aston Martin to achieve new standards of on-track performance, charging time, and range in its battery-electric vehicles. Furthermore, they plan to offer plug-in hybrid variants of their 2024 models; all future cars should eventually come equipped with electrified powertrains.

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Aston Martin V8 Vantage was introduced with a carbon fiber rear spoiler manufactured by Aston Martin Advanced Composites and designed by Autodesk Alias software specialists using Aston’s in-house team. After fabrication and metallization were complete, Aston tested the part on the race track before fitting it to the car for testing purposes – all within two weeks of creation!

Aston’s latest design concept, the DBR22, is an adaptation of their 1913 original DBR1 racing car. The vehicle will boast an upgraded engine, extended wheelbase, and revised cockpit to provide high-performance racing performance. In future years, it could become the basis of various high-performance variants of their V8 Vantage vehicle family.

Aston Technologies Inc provides its services throughout the United States. This company provides network engineering, outsourcing, project management, and IT consulting. Among their products are Divergent Adaptive Production Systems (DAPSs), which computationally engineer, additively manufacture, and assemble complex structures – replacing traditional automotive manufacturing.

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No matter your recruiting or sales capabilities needs, Aston Technologies’ team is here to assist. Our consultants will collaborate with you to devise and execute a plan to increase revenues and market shares while offering ongoing support. Our knowledgeable professionals serve small and large businesses and bring invaluable experience and insights.

Aston Technologies provides comprehensive IT services to a diverse client base nationwide. Our services span network engineering, outsourcing, project management, and IT consulting. We specialize in network architecture design deployment, security troubleshooting, IT outsourcing software development, data center management services, and more.

Our client is an innovative, fast-paced mobile app developer. Their projects have included creating weather push notification apps and Alexa weather apps. In addition to being creative and communicative, this team is committed to meeting deadlines while remaining flexible enough to work within a budget.

Aston Technologies was established in 2012 and is based in Minneapolis, MN. Their competitors include Tvisha Technologies and GDH Presidio LanWan Professional Dataprise.

Employees at Aston Technologies rate their experience working there with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 across several cultural dimensions such as Manager Rating and Perks And Benefits. These ratings were determined through 4 anonymous reviews submitted anonymously by Aston Technologies employees. Aston Technologies is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability status; for more information regarding their diversity policy, please see their Diversity Report or contact an HR representative directly.