Why You Need a Hunting Rangefinder From Fin Feather Fur


Head to the Fin Feather Fur website, and you’ll find a nice selection of high-quality hunting rangefinders from the biggest manufacturers. These nifty bits of kit look amazing, but why would you want to buy one, practically speaking? What does this kind of device offer to the hunter?

To help you decide whether it’s an investment you’d like to make, we’re going to go through some pretty compelling reasons. By the end, we’re sure that you’ll realize the value that this kind of technology brings.

Reason 1 – It Takes All The Guesswork Out of the Equation

At its essence, this kind of Fin Feather Fur product is designed to give you a super-accurate idea of how far you are from your target. A laser shoots out and reflects at you by the mere touch of a button, giving you an exact figure. 

Knowing how far you are from your target is important for any hunter, as those with the right ethics will want their animal kills to be clean. The whole purpose of hunting is population control, not the infliction of suffering and pain to your prey. If you want an accurate shot, you need a valid account of distance, and that’s what this device provides.

Reason 2 – You Can Get Nearer Without Moving

Ever had a deer got away because you stepped on a twig? Hunt for long enough, and you’ll know the feeling, which means you might spend another 5-6 hours getting into position to take another shot. Another great ability Fin Feather Fur rangefinders give you is the capacity to get closer without actually getting closer!

Your average rifle rangefinder will have an operational range of anywhere between 600 and 1300 yards, meaning that if you consider yourself a true long-range marksman, you won’t want to go hunting anywhere without one. You really can track your prey from a mile away, so there’s much less chance of spooking the animal you’re following. 

Reason 3 – It helps You Hone Your Natural Rangefinding Ability

When using a rangefinder every time you go out, you’ll learn to discern distances with the naked eye that much more easily. Sure, you’re still going to be using your rangefinding tech when you need to, but when a deer jumps out unexpectedly, you’ll have a much better intuitive judgment.

It also provides a reference point, so it pays to spend some time practising in the wild. Lay prone and pick certain points at varying distances. Work it out on your own, and then check to see how close your estimation was to reality. It’s a technique that works!

This Is Just a Selection of the Reasons to Buy One

When it comes down to brass tacks, if you’re a hunter and you want to become a better hunter, then we’d recommend buying a rangefinder from Fin Feather Fur. 

Measuring distance is a key part of hunting animals, and it ends up making you better at judging distance without the device – so it makes sense in all sorts of ways.

 We’ve only touched upon the reasons why having a device like this is a good idea, and we’ve already made a good case for it. Do some research yourself, and you’ll soon see the wisdom. 

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