Dinosaur Globe and Orboot


Everything we know about dinosaurs comes from fossils—remains or impressions left by plants and animals that have long since died off and have been preserved over time. Paleontologists study fossils to gain insights into how these extinct species lived and died off. Guide to selecting the dinosaur globe.

Discover what Earth looked like before dinosaurs with this fantastic, free dinosaur globe online tool. It also shows which types of dinosaurs lived near your city!

Ancient Earth Globe

The Ancient Earth Globe is an incredible tool that allows users to visualize what the world looked like at any point in time. Using Christopher Scotese’s geological models to illustrate plate tectonic movements over 1.1 billion years, users can input their address and then have their map show what it would have looked like 750 million years ago or any other date from when multicellular life first emerged in oceans 600 million years ago to dinosaur rule and even glaciers covering most of Earth.

Users can observe as the continents move apart, mountain ranges rise and fall, new ocean basins open up, and polar ice caps expand and contract over millennia – an effective way for students to gain a greater appreciation of how our planet’s surface has changed throughout history.

This website offers 26 timeline options from the present to the Cryogenian Period and makes history accessible and user-friendly. It provides brief descriptions for each period and an easy dropdown menu allowing students to select specific dates.

Dino’s Prehistoric Globes

This innovative app brings dinosaurs back to life on your tablet! Featuring a world map that shows what Earth was like millions of years ago due to continental drift and extinction events, users can also view fossils of specific dinosaur species that once roamed their area or search for any that once lived there.

This app is a fun and interactive way for children to learn about dinosaurs and their habitats. Children will gain an appreciation of nature’s breathtaking force while understanding why we must protect wildlife. Furthermore, there are no in-app purchases to worry about! This free application won’t disappoint either.

One of the top dinosaur apps for kids, this augmented reality-based globe allows users to explore prehistoric lands in three dimensions. Its sleek and immersive interface makes interacting with and learning about over 50 realistic dinosaurs simple and engaging; plus, it helps young users develop analytical thinking, perseverance, and attention to detail skills.

This AR globe takes children back in time, providing the ultimate tool for discovering prehistoric lands and learning about them. Kids can find over 50 realistic-looking dinosaurs with 500 incredible facts each while playing time travel dinosaur games! Additionally, this app helps develop foundational STEM skills like perseverance, analytical thinking, and creativity while having loads of fun!

Dinosaur Atlas

Gr 2-6—The topic of dinosaurs is both engaging and accessible, making this comprehensive guide an accessible framework for any manner of scientific ideas. Divided into the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods, this book chronicles how Earth’s terrain gradually changed over time and all the dinosaur species that ruled its various territories.

Custom-crafted, child-friendly maps of each continent—including Pangaea—depict where dinosaurs lived, what their habitat looked like, and which fossils have been discovered there. Additionally, this book describes what constitutes the dinosaur family tree, introduces paleontologists, provides timelines of prehistoric events, and discusses theories surrounding why dinosaurs became extinct.

Each double-page spread in this book highlights a different dinosaur, from Tyrannosaurus Rex in North America to Giraffatitan and Rajasaurus of India. Fascinating facts about each featured creature are sprinkled around each map’s edges, while a “Dinosaur Spotter’s Guide” helps readers locate their favorites throughout.

This visual atlas book of epic proportions is sure to become an indispensable companion for any dinosaur enthusiast! With dynamic double-page spreads revealing Earth’s lost lands and their inhabitants – including dinosaurs! – this must-have book should not be overlooked!

Shifu Orboot

Orboot’s educational augmented reality world globe is designed to help children explore and discover different countries, cultures, animals, and more. It works with its companion app on iOS or Android devices to bring this globe to life – with 400+ attractions that cover maps, monuments, animals, and food inventions, as well as quizzes, quizzes, digital puzzles, and challenges included!

Developers of this product observed that children preferred holographic animations on smart device screens to flashcard games because these interactive and more active versions require them to work with rather than read information. It provides an engaging way for children to engage with learning while at the same time developing knowledge, language proficiency, and cognitive capabilities.

This interactive globe is available in three versions – Earth, Dinosaur, and Mars – making it a fantastic educational tool for home-schooling parents and teachers who want to add an engaging STEM learning experience into their curriculum. Children will love traveling the globe while discovering its diverse cultures, animals, monuments, and natural wonders! Perfect gift for children aged 4-10! Each box comes complete with an Orboot globe stand, passport holder, passport sticker, and guide stamp set included within this box!

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