What to wear on a date?

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Hey, it’s the first date with the guy you like. You’re wondering what you should wear on that day? Well, to help you choose your outfit for this very special occasion we’ve prepared a little guide on what is suitable and what isn’t. Let’s start!

Dress comfortably! 

It doesn’t have to be a mini-skirt and stilettos as it might seem. A comfortable outfit is the best outfit (and the sexiest)! Try to choose something that gives you enough space to move, breathe and above all – feel good. When we’re uncomfortable we look awful, our body language speaks for us and then we can forget about the night of love…

Don’t overdress! 

An oversized shirt and jeans might seem like a good idea but be careful you don’t look like you’re going to the gym. After all, this is not your usual Saturday training – it’s date night. So try to show off with a little more class, which means dress according to the place you’re going (check it out in the list below).

Wear red! 

It’s known that men are attracted by this color, which is associated with passion and love. Who knows, maybe the power of red will make him instantly fall for you? There’s no need to wear a full-length dress, just a tasteful blouse will be enough.

Don’t overdo it! 

Listen to your inner voice and go with the colors you feel comfortable in. If you don’t feel confident in any color, maybe stay away from bright ones – try to look for different shades of gray or brown. Black can always come in handy – it fits with everything and makes you look slim.

Flowers are your friends! 

We’re not talking about homecoming corsages but rather boutonnieres (little flower pieces). If you feel like wearing flowers, go for it! It’s classy and elegant. Let him wonder what kind of flower is that…

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Smells good! 

There’s nothing as pleasant as a perfume that smells like love. Don’t overdo it, though. Maybe you’re familiar with the phrase “less is more”… This case might be an exception because if you smell bad, it will ruin your date even if you are wearing one dress from your beautiful and best homecoming dresses collection.


Okay, it’s date night so you might want to try a new hairdo. But beware: a homecoming hairstyle can go horribly wrong… Even if you think it looks good on the photo, once again – better be safe than sorry and show up with your usual homecoming hairstyles. If you still want to try something new but nothing too original, make sure it’s “homecoming appropriate”. So, Long hair – yes; the hair on your face – no! 

Wear homecoming accessories! 

Girls love accessories and homecoming accessory ideas are always welcome. A homecoming clutch bag will draw attention to your outfit and give it a sexy touch you probably didn’t think about! Homecoming makeup with the best homecoming makeup products is also a good idea.

And what about homecoming shoes? 

Sure thing! Before buying homecoming shoes, think about where you are going. If it’s a homecoming party at the homecoming hall, then you need homecoming shoes that won’t hurt your feet after hours of dancing. Comfort is your homecoming accessory! You can also wear high heels if the homecoming dress itself is not too long.


Your homecoming outfit should be an expression of you! What’s the point in spending hours trying on five or six different dresses if that night with your date is not completed by a fantastic outfit? Now, more than ever, it’s time to think it all through. So there you have it – our little guide to what to wear on a date! If you’re still not sure what to wear for your special night, ask around and find out what is appropriate in your city. 

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