What is SEO’s contribution in fueling eCommerce website growth?


Research-backed facts have proved that search engine optimization can maximize revenue and growth. You probably already understand that SEO is crucial for online sellers. Your e-store should appear in search results if users enter a query relevant to your products.

The following compelling benefits have convinced most e-sellers to opt for SEO services:

  • Get more organic traffic
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost
  • Building trust and authority
  • Significance in improving user-experiences
  • Role in making content visible
  • Get the best of “near me” and “open now” searches
  • Long-term relevance

Get more organic traffic

Results from a survey conducted by Statista shine a light on remarkable stats. These numbers can convince you to up the ante on your SEO efforts. The Statista Global Consumer Survey 2020 involved participants from the United States.

  • Roughly 68 percent of consumers use a search engine to find product information.
  • Worldwide ecommerce sales touched $4.28 trillion in 2020. As Statista’s estimates, the number of online shoppers worldwide may reach 2.14 billion by the end of 2021.
  • Out of the total retail sales percentage worldwide, e-retail attributed 18 percent. The number can cross the 21.8 percent mark by 2024.

There is more to it! Organic search results bring more than 53 percent of trackable website traffic.

Google handles one of every five product searches. The search engine has maintained relevance in front of Amazon, which witnesses most product searches around the globe.

Leads generated from searches have better conversion chances than those generated from elsewhere.

Reduced customer acquisition cost

Do you wish to reduce the advertising budget for your digital store? An effective SEO strategy focusing on consumer needs is what you need.

The least site load time, GMB listing, and great content can help potential buyers reach you.

Studies have emphasized that many Google search users do not click on ads that pop up in results. These prospects can miss out on your services if you focus solely on ads. On the other side, focusing on SEO for e-commerce leads to less spending. You can invest the saved budget in something that the audience wants.

There is simply no comparison between SEO and other initiatives like influencer marketing when it comes to pricing.

PPC and influencer marketing campaigns constantly remain active to yield results. But, SEO implementation continues showing positive impact even when the campaign remains paused.

Building trust and authority

In this era of cyber scams, shoppers prefer to buy from trustworthy e-commerce firms. Building authority and trust with search engines is not as easy as adding a widget to your online store.

Search engine spiders or bots crawl billions of pages. Then present trustworthy, user-friendly websites that match search queries. SEO practices make sure people find your site quickly. If they read, remain engaged, and share the content, it is more likely that search engines will mark your website as credible. And this helps the site stay in the top SERPs.

Google lets trustworthy and credible sites lead the pack. And users prefer putting their trust in such e-stores. High visibility in SERPs triggers a positive feedback loop. Your e-commerce firm can reap more benefits in the long run.

Significance in improving user-experiences

An optimal user experience is a pivotal element for achieving maximum visibility and organic rankings.

Google’s level of sophistication has reached new levels. It interprets if the website offers a great user experience or not. You might wish to know if there is any simple explanation for this technology. Yes, Google uses Web Vitals metrics and search signals. Both measure visitor’s experience on any site.

You can win if you focus on mobile optimization, the perceived value of content on various pages, website security, and speed. Let visitors complete the transaction pleasurably, easily, and quickly.

UX initiatives also result in better customer loyalty and retention. Whether it’s a transactional visit or an informational, visitors would return if they find your website content practical.

Role in making content visible

It is already clear that SEO and content are marketer’s most valuable tools. They can drive sales, inspire consumer loyalty and boost visibility. Search engine optimization fulfills criteria set by search engines. The content aims to entertain or provide something of value to visitors.

Cleverly written articles won’t be of much use if they fail to reach readers. SEO strategies can help Google algorithms detect high-quality content. No matter if it is within your e-store knowledge-base or blog.

Get the best of “near me” and “open now” searches

Local businesses suffered in unforeseen ways due to the impact of the pandemic. Those who survived are struggling while competing against Amazon and other giants. And this is where optimization for search comes into the picture.

Studies have proved the significance of SEO for small and medium businesses (SMBs). The COVID-19 pandemic has further strengthened the case.

New coronavirus variants and slow vaccination have brought back lockdowns in several countries. As people are unable to venture far, they prefer buying from nearby businesses. Thus, “near me” and “open now” searches still dominate.

Google noted an unbelievable rise in such searches since the arrival of the pandemic. Put simply, prospects are using the web to find local stores.

Local presence management is part of the optimization services offered by SEO Company India.  Thanks to local SEO, small businesses can truly benefit from the rise in “near me” and “in-stock” searches.

Long-term relevance

Some entrepreneurs wish to see the results for SEO initiatives pay off the next day. It’s very unlikely, in fact, impossible.

SEO for e-commerce websites is a long-term process and should be a part of long-term goals. When it comes to short-term benefits, these processes can ensure your site does not suffer due to search engine algorithm updates.

Changes in shopping patterns are here to stay even after the end of the pandemic. Studies suggest that most people do prefer to continue shopping online. SEO processes ensure your website remains prepared to handle the influx of new visitors. Visibility is vital for clicks, and merchants who do not want to optimize for search may not survive.