Types of email sendings

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Creating a database of customers’ addresses and contact numbers is the # 1 priority for every service or product provider. This is a prerequisite for increasing conversions and business profitability. By ditching email marketing in 2021, you are losing hundreds of leads.

There are several basic types of creating bulk email sendings. These include:

  • cold sendings;
  • emails to clients;
  • welcome emails;
  • promo offers;
  • surveys about the work of the company.

Big companies use hundreds of options to build the right customer relationships. The target audience also benefits from subscribing to the company’s newsletter. Thanks to this, they receive newest and most profitable offers to their liking.

However, the tricky part of creating emails is that the sender has to figure out the best business email font. Standard fonts don’t help customers remember them, which means conversion rates drop. Learning the available fonts variety will help you create an effective newsletter.

Safe fonts for emails

The use of emails allows to establish contact with potential consumers. However, it’s not enough to simply collect a unique database, as you also need to attract attention. Highlighting the use of the corporate design is the right decision.

This is where a wide selection of email safe fonts comes in handy. This term means the use of fonts that are available regardless of the type of device a user has. The famous Times New Roman and others are the best examples of such fonts.

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You will still need to work on creating a recognizable email style. This approach will help you build a reputation as a reliable service (goods) supplier. Emphasized use of the corporate identity will attract the attention of buyers.

All companies need to create their own unique styles, regardless of the field of their activity. In such cases, use the following features:

  • decide on a certain font weight;
  • determine a unique height;
  • original font size;
  • font style.

It’s almost impossible to claim the title of “Best fonts for email”. Since in the end it all depends on what email services your clients use and characteristics of their devices. Safe fonts are a great choice for the companies that don’t want to take risks, but this way out of the situation doesn’t always justify itself.

Points to consider when choosing a font

Not all available fonts will be displayed correctly on different devices. This is the main reason to consider searching for alternatives. Use your own font stack when creating your bulk email newsletter. The vast choice will allow you to develop a unique style and make sure the information is displayed on all devices.

To do this, think over a list of the best fonts for your company. In the stack, you will allocate available options in a certain order and ensure the readability of your emails. Additionally, it’s worth noting that emailing fonts help build trust in your brand.

The use of tools will allow you to create unique emails for your clients and avoid common mistakes. Massmailsoftware helps to redefine your email marketing.

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