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Topg88 Agen Affiliate Program – Topg88 is the best Affiliate Program agent. The marketing strategy has been growing lately. One that is currently being used is affiliate marketing. It can be said that affiliate marketing is a unique strategy, and it can provide quite good results.

Maybe you have often heard the term about this on several internet platforms, such as TikTok affiliate marketing and Shopee affiliate marketing. So, if you are still relatively unfamiliar with this one Topg88 AgenAffiliatemarketing strategy, make sure you read this article to the end, okay

Topg88 Agent Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy with third parties where if other users buy the product from a special link, the affiliate will get a commission. Affiliate is a designation for those who promote products or third parties who market. The job of an affiliate is to create very interesting content to advertise products on their social media. Topg88 is the most popular Affiliate Program Agent today.

Topg88 – How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Initially, an affiliate will choose which products to promote. After that, they will create content that explains the product. In addition, in the description or caption column, a link will also be included to buy the product being promoted.

The link linked to the video has previously been set to be unique and trackable because this is where an affiliate and seller can find out how many commissions and transactions they can get. Every company and seller has different benchmarks for calculating when a user flow is considered a transaction. Most are measured by purchases, the number of users who click on the link, or the leads that come from the link.

Topg88 – The Difference Between Affiliate Marketing, Resellers, And Drop Shippers

In the world of trade and marketing, three terms are often considered the same but in fact, these have different systems. These three points are affiliate marketing, resellers, and dropshippers. Check the differences below.

Affiliate Marketing

As we are reviewing in this article. Affiliate marketing is a marketing system that provides commissions to affiliates or people who promote a product from that company. The job of an affiliate is only to promote it and will not lose money when no users buy products from affiliate links.


Resellers are businesses that can sell goods directly to consumers but must have their stock. The advantage of this system is that a reseller can develop marketing ideas and methods that have been prepared by distributors or product supply companies.

Drop Shippers

Dropshipper is a surefire solution for selling goods to consumers. Unlike a reseller, a drop shipper doesn’t need to have his stock. The transaction system is also different. You will be a direct intermediary from the distributor to the consumer.

Topg88 – Affiliate Marketing Benefits For Business

Expanding Market

If your business is just developing at the local level, then you think about introducing your product to the global market, and you can do affiliate marketing. When you want to enter a new market, there are usually many barriers, such as language, costs, competition, to customer loyalty. By creating an affiliate program, you can hook content creators from the countries you target into new markets.

They will be happy to promote your product in their language and get rewarded if your product sells well. Your product can also enter new markets without the need to incur costs by visiting the country that is your target market. However, you do need to calculate your strengths before entering the global market. If you sell physical products, you have to make sure your products reach customers.

Quick Return Of Capital

The benefit of affiliate marketing for your business is that you can get a quick return on investment. The reason is, the cost to manage the affiliate program is quite minimal. The price of the software to create the program or the cost of cooperation with affiliate program providers does vary.

However, at least it’s within your marketing budget range. Plus, since affiliate marketing is performance-based, you don’t have to pay the content creator up front. Usually, new commissions are paid when a sale occurs.

Improve SEO

Audiences that click on affiliate links may be people who need your product. They tend to linger on your product pages and this is great for your online store’s SEO! Plus if you manage to recruit content creators who have great influence. They may rank well on search engines such as Google. It will be very beneficial for your online shop’s SEO if you can get backlinks from them.

Increase Brand Awareness For Your Products

Don’t forget this one factor, namely brand awareness. Buyers are less likely to buy your product if they have never heard of your brand name elsewhere. They need your product. Even if affiliate marketing by content creators doesn’t result in transactions, your business will still benefit. At least, the content creator’s followers already know your product. One day, if they need your product, chances are your brand name will pop into their head.

Topg88 – Success Tips For Doing Affiliate Marketing

Add Labor or Collaborate with Other Parties

There are two choices when you decide to do affiliate marketing. First, you can make the program yourself. There is a lot of software that you can use to create affiliate programs. Second, you can work with affiliate program providers.

If your first choice, of course, you must hire new employees to take care of it so that you can focus on your business. However, if you are not ready to add people to your team, you can work with affiliate program providers.

Actively Recruiting Content Creators to Join Your Affiliate Program

Content creators do indeed perform marketing functions for your product. You also need to market your program to them. Approach content creators, and convince them to join your affiliate program. Once you have several partners, don’t stop. Recruit content creators continuously. You can reach them by writing via email, social media, and so on.

Invite Partners to Always Be Active in Promoting Your Products

Maybe you have succeeded in hooking up several content creators. However, they are no longer actively promoting your product. There’s nothing wrong if you invite them to create new content again. Especially if you have a new product, you want to promote. Sometimes, asking old partners to reactivate is much easier and more efficient than recruiting new ones. You can also update benefits for your partners, so they are motivated to be active again.

Maintain Good Relations with Good Performing Partners

Of course, you can’t lose this kind of partner. Every content they create brings you tons of customers. Don’t interrupt your cooperation because the better your partner’s performance, the more other affiliate programs will target him. Topg88 LiveNow, you know what affiliate marketing is and its intricacies that benefit your business. Hopefully, it can be a new reference to advance your business.

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