Tips for Moving on Short Notice

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Moving is fun and exciting, but relocating on short notice might make the process very overwhelming. There are many things to take care of and organize during a move. So it is advisable to start a few months in advance.

Whether you want to relocate to another city or just within the state, getting prepared for the more is important. As such, you will need seven or eight weeks to have things organized, prepared, and packed. To help you move on short notice, here are tips to look at:

Make a Timeline and List

When organizing your move on short notice, a timeline and list are important. You will have a shortened timeframe to have everything done so as to stay on track.

You may come up with a list of things to do for the move. This may include organizing important documents, booking your movers, transferring kids’ schools, and settling utilities.

Breath and Plan

Hurried moves occur for two different reasons; either time snuck up on you, or you didn’t get a notice that your move will happen. Whichever way, moving in less than a week may feel very overwhelming. So you might want to spend more time to breath in order to plan.

If you are also in this situation due to your procrastination, avoid beating yourself over it. Things happen, and life is busy – meaning you may not have more time to reflect.

Hire an Experienced Mover

A professional moving company is a veritable necessity for different relocation projects. Unless you unload and load the truck on your own, you have to start calling around to determine which company is available on your moving day.

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You should be flexible concerning the moving time and day so as to get the right company, which may help you. Because moving services are reserved in advance, this is among the important steps which you need to take once you decide where you want to move.

Set Deadlines

Managing arduous tasks such as moving on short notice means you may pay special attention to the importance of setting your deadlines. In this situation, managing your self-discipline and making sure you do things on time is important.

Always set personal deadlines to help you know when to complete moving milestones. Before you even know it, you will have a realistic moving timeline, which gives you more understanding of what you should expect.

Reel in Family and Friends

If you still work with a professional mover, family and friends may also help you when moving on short notice. Although they don’t have to load and unload your belongings, they can still help you look after your kids and take pets out for a walk.

A house move may also be emotional for some individuals, as they are forced to deal with memorabilia or pack away their old life and say goodbye to their old home.


In this world, it is not a must you have more time to take care of things. At times, you may not have plenty of time required for specific tasks.

Even though you should move on short notice, you don’t need to rush; otherwise, things will not go as planned. Hence, get relaxed, take time, and have a proper plan to handle everything the right way.

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