The way to Understand What Can Cause Cancer


Cancer tumor – An Alternative View

They have become the most daunting disease that has afflicted the past few years. The very name strikes fright into hearts when they are determined. As soon as the doctor or consultant utters those words of instructions, our immune system hits bottom – we see no way available – the shock with and of itself is the most awful!

You may notice how I include spelled the word dis-ease instead of the more ordinary and established way of disease. There is a cause for it – we tend to forget what our words mean today as we are used to using them out of wording. Dis-ease suggests precisely that – a new body no longer confident about itself. A body has started to attack itself because its immune system is so low. (That is why I often referred to the shock of the utterance by specialist or doctor instructions guaranteed to lower a by now low immunity! )

Perhaps you have asked yourself what cancer is. It is usually simplified into a longer story of emotional pain that has never been dealt with in that person’s life. Like a lawn, it must be fed and hydrated to grow. Fed in addition to water with what? Negative sensations. Lack of self-love. The perceived absence of love. Lack of joy. Bitterness, acridness, acridity, anger, fear, resentment, tremendous grief – it is a long list. I could write a lot about the emotions themselves, but for often the sake of the topic, No later than this, explain how they impact the body so badly.

If the essential medical professionals could observe slightly differently from their current approach, maybe a note might be taken regarding who that person is near them. What is their existence? Are they happy? Have they undergone a period of intense anxiety? (Dirk Hamer came up with precisely what is now called the Dirk Hamer Syndrome, which states which a person struggling with severe anxiety for a period exceeding two years without a break will develop a tumor – a pretty strong assertion but one which I have noticed in fact, with my sister).

So what part do these kinds of emotions have to play in creating cancer? Alternative medicine instructions, the area that I do the job in and have specialized with over the years – understand that often emotions are the first vent of call for any condition or dis-ease within the body. If negative emotion is not dealt with, then it will present itself at the physical level. So that it starts at the mental amount, i.e., how we perceive problems, trauma, or stress, and if left, it will go to the emotional level instructions. Here is where it will fix itself to the corresponding wood for that emotion. If eventually left to stay there, it will, in that case, become an actual physical challenge within that organ and the system.

To give you much insight into how my colleagues and I see and feel where the emotions resort themselves – and intensely over years and years instructions like a plant, if it is hydrated, it will grow!

The heart is apparent – it is about love. You have heard the word ‘died of a broken heart.’ Well, in a sense, that is accurate. A couple who have been together for some time and years, and then one dies; the other isn’t going to want to go on without them. That thought process almost becomes a decision at that stage, and the heart and soul will give out. They do not want to live – consequently, one follows the other quickly in many conditions.

The liver is the seat of the most primitive of all thoughts – anger.

Grief is located in the lungs – after having a shock or loss, we sometimes get bronchitis or related.

Kidneys are damaged simply by our fears.

Our blood is the river of our lifestyles – depending on how that will allow flows will depend on how our blood flows. I once got a patient with a severe blood problem, and her communication, over and over again to herself, has been every time she saw a thing that distressed her – ‘that makes my blood boil’ – so it did!

Regardless of whether any of this resonates together with you or not -over the years, it is pretty clear that the burden of these kinds of toxic emotions, if not managed, will manifest themselves on the highest level – inside a tumor. So….. if we can produce this situation in our body together by hanging onto these thoughts, then the other side of the particular coin says we could be powerful to uncreate that when we become aware! This is good news. Once the udsalg is there, then we can look inward to resolve the problem that will create the tumor in the first place.

Simply no amount of immune-destroying medicines will erase the actual reason for cancer – they are going further to suppress a good, already damaged immune system — damaged by our feelings and inability to deal with these to the point of release. This is why the medical system, in its position today, will never ‘cure’ malignancy. Yes, they can help people to the level of remission – however, this is short-term. There are not many success stories out there of long-term remission or ‘cure’ whenever following the standard medical procedures associated with cutting, burning, and chemically destroying. Why? Because the trigger has still not already been addressed. The body retains the imprint, and the training has not been learned. When it is, the body will impact the repairs, and the spite will no longer be necessary.

Check out metaphysics – learn to be aware of the cause of your particular variety of malignancy and then undertake the work to start the task of dismantling everything that created it. Assist the body through that process through the right eating, right considering, proper exercise, and regaining your power – keep in mind – if you can create, you can undoubtedly uncreate it!

Start by reading through some of Louise Hay’s fantastic works explaining metaphysics and how you may help yourself.

To Your Good results

Firstly and most importantly, Therefore I’m passionate about people. I am enthusiastic about their health at all quantities – as a Naturopath involving 12 years of experience, I have understood that what makes us the sickest is our view of driving and ourselves. Today I take advantage of methods to teach how to find good results at all levels of our lives, physically, mentally, and economically. If you believe in yourself rapidly, you will take care of yourself. When you believe in your power to succeed – you will be successful. Have got the physical energy – you could drive. It is mainly linked and starts with more critical factors of them all – ANYONE!

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