The Unavoidable Knowledge That Every Cigarette Smoker Must Have!


Every cigarette smoker should be aware that the cigarette they are smoking is a natural chemical explicitly designed to kill the user. Furthermore, he must understand that this is an unbeatable combination of hazardous chemicals that…Read the Best info about verdampfer set kaufen.

* When smoked, it is highly addictive. The more you smoke, the more you want to smoke.

* Can cause smokers to die young. This has been demonstrated physically, scientifically, and in other ways.

* When chewed, it is highly addictive. However, there is a distinction between cigarette addiction when chewed and cigarette addiction when smoked.

* Leads to addiction as severe as alcoholism. An alcoholic and a cigarette smoker-addict are both classified as alcoholics.

* Is not medicine, and its application is not therapy. Cigarette smoking provides no benefit, either medicinally or therapeutically. The physical, spiritual, and medical effects are all adverse.

* Prevents pre-cancerous cells from dying by promoting their multiplication. The environment created inside the body by cigarette smoking is favorable for the continuous growth of pre-cancerous tumors in human cells.

* Quitting is more difficult than its counterpart drugs, heroin, and cocaine. (What enables this tenacious habit is that cigarette smoking is openly acceptable in society, usually seen and purchased over-the-counter (OTC), whereas other drugs are used secretly. In addition, cigarettes are significantly less expensive than other drugs and can be purchased without fear of prosecution.)

* Sometimes causes brain damage, which affects memory. This is really because it is similar to smoking fresh fish over a coal fire.

* As a result of the accumulated smoke passing through the artery, it contributes to artery hardening.

* Is ineffective as a stand-alone smoking cessation aid.

* Increases the rate of cancer tumor growth due to the cancer-causing chemicals in nicotine.

* Probably causes brain damage and depression, which can eventually lead to the addict’s brain death.

* Has a cancer-causing metabolite. Cigarette smoking results in cancer in various forms in every aspect.

* Kills 50% of adult smokers 13-14 years before their expected death date.

* Is directly associated with lung cancer. This is unavoidable for all cigarette smokers, young and old. Cigarette smoking is a direct cause of lung cancer.

* It Is also a teratogen that kills fetuses. So women who smoke, especially when pregnant, are at a high risk of miscarriage.

* Is defeated by refusing to take another puff or chew! This is the only way to break the cigarette habit. Take the next one instead!

* There are 81 cancer-causing chemicals in total.

* Contains over 4,000 other chemicals in every puff of cigarette smoke inhaled by a cigarette smoker, which aids in the destruction of the smoker’s body system.

* Contains nearly 700 (700) tobacco company flavor and engineering additives in every puff of cigarette smoke that enters the smoker’s body system and collaborates with all other chemicals listed above in sealing the cigarette smoker’s fate.

It is worth noting that “Rome was not built in a day.” This devastation does not happen in a day, week, month, or even year. The accumulation of these chemicals in their minute, unseen form causes indestructible death causing cancer and another ailment within the smoker’s body system.

A typical smoker who smokes 20-60 cigarettes per day harms not only themself, but also their non-smoking friends, neighbors, and acquaintances by polluting their lifestyle with a more significant share of these chemical-filled smokes. As a result, he harms not only himself but also other nonsmokers. Every cigarette puff inhaled by a smoker is a punishment for his nonsmoker friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.

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