The Best Places to Play Online Crossword Puzzles


Moderately complex cognitive tasks can help strengthen thinking and memory, with online crossword puzzles, in particular, showing great promise. Furthermore, these activities help slow the rate of shrinkage of the brain. What do you consider about Free Online Games.

Online puzzles offer accessibility for screen reader users; click on any square, and its clue will be highlighted.


Newspaper websites are among the best places to enjoy daily online crossword puzzles, offering free crosswords daily and apps for both iOS and Android devices to access them while on the go.

Crossword puzzles often have hidden or obscure themes, while others use wordplay to reveal them. Many famous crosswords feature anagrams, charades, container words, reversals, and palindromes – these puzzles present even seasoned cruciverbalists with unique challenges!

Another form of thematic entries includes colloquial language, which involves everyday phrases and words found in everyday speech. Such clues are commonplace in American crosswords – for example, “As in ___” could indicate an answer being either short word or prefix-based. Although many crossword publishers accept these entries into crossword puzzles, publishers may only accept submissions if the theme remains fresh.


No matter your crossword skill level or experience level, you can find a daily crossword puzzle explicitly tailored to you online. For example, the Guardian newspaper features one new brainteaser every weekday, as well as accessing its archives of puzzles from previous weeks. Solve these online or print them out, timer included, so that you can test your speed-solving speed!

For an extra challenging crossword experience, try the Los Angeles Times daily puzzle. This puzzle features an assortment of vocabulary and cultural references along with humor and wordplay for an entertaining crossword experience that anyone who enjoys crosswords must try!

Another popular choice is the AARP daily crossword puzzle, featuring an easy-to-use interface and timer. Play it online or print a copy for your coffee break; crosswords boost ego and keep minds sharp. In addition, people who participate regularly are likelier to have good memory and reasoning abilities as they age. A study published in 2017 confirmed this finding.


Crossword puzzle clues come in various forms, yet all share certain similarities. First, each clue includes a word or phrase related to the puzzle’s theme; next comes an explanation that can help you fill in answers; finally, clicking on any responses may confirm their validity.

Some clues include Roman numerals and mathematics, such as IV times III (3×3), which yields XII (12). Other clues might provide partial answers (e.g., “Used to hurry”) or non-dictionary phrases (e.g., a hint for Ps and A could be written as PSAND).

Crossword puzzles can be played online for free at various newspaper websites. From simple to difficult crosswords, these fun challenges offer the chance to improve vocabulary and word fluency while having fun while keeping the mind sharp!


The New York Times first began publishing crossword puzzles as an escape from World War II on 15 February 1942, designed by Margaret Petherbridge Farrar and featuring easy fill-in-the-blank clues that can often be solved quickly. Over time, puzzles have grown more complex as their designers added wordplay elements for added challenges.

American crossword puzzles found in newspapers and magazines typically feature grids characterized by solid areas of white squares with only one-sixth shaded (i.e., used for crossword words or answers across/down). Compilers strive to limit empty slots in answers to approximately 10%.

While these puzzles will test your vocabulary, they also expand it in new subjects. For example, if history is your thing, try solving a historical crossword; otherwise, there are themed options in music, movies, and sports.

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