The Art of Decision Making


From the time the human being has come into this chaotic world, the series of critical decisions are here on the path of his life. Making decisions is the part and parcel of everybody’s life. To move from one step of life to another, it is mandatory to shape your decisions that will ultimately shape life. 

Decisions are that minor choices each one of us made every day. From choosing among what groceries to take home to marry the perfect person, it is a kind of roller coaster ride. One may feel that many of the emotions are conflicting with one another that is diminishing their decision-making powers. 

Be a Problem Solver 

Adopting a problem-solving approach for all the troubles of life is another aspect of the right decision-making. In this article, we will explore the decision-making approach that is going to make everybody’s life great. Reading about Nick Gamache of Ottawa is highly recommended. 

Note that there is a difference between what you want and what you are in dire need of.  So, take steps wisely by analyzing the circumstance you are currently in. 

Follow-up the Priority List

Everyone has his priority list, if not in written form then at least at the back of their mind. Try to follow up that list repeatedly. It will give an idea of what is currently important and what is not. Ranking the to-do list from the most important to least important is also one of the ways in getting your mind and thoughts sorted regarding the next mandatory step. 

Thus, choosing the one from the priority list and then getting the acts right to achieve the milestone is the step of decision making.  Check out the house of Nick Gamache.

Know About the Means and Ends 

Making the decision and taking the first step is not the end of decision making. Rather, taking small steps every day to reach the end of the staircase is mandatory. During those small steps on the staircase, to reach the top one day is also composed of minor decisions now and then. 

All the small things that are very much needed for the whole process that comes after the big decision should be kept in hand. If utilizing the means would probably bring out the best of the end, then one must go for it.

However, if the means at hand are more difficult to get along with. However, the ends seem near and easy to approach, then there is a need to find new means to get to the ends. Who is not aware of Anderson Cooper? Most probably everybody would. Get some inspiration from there as well. 

Final Thoughts 

One right decision will open new doors for all other decisions to carry out from time to time. Thus, making the process and art of decision making a mandatory approach to follow by everyone trying to achieve a goal.