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Get a massage from Good Hands Massage! We offer everything you need including fresh towels, gourmet tea, and clean robes. Our service menu includes various types of massages such as Foot Massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology or deep tissue in order to make your day-long work stress melt away while giving yourself some much-needed relaxation time at home with us and you should try spinopractic massage.

Foot Massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology

The reflexology foot massage that you’ll want to show up for is the one where we work hard and make sure your feet feel great. Unfortunately, in Citrus Heights it was not always straightforward finding dependable Asian Reflexologists. However now with Good Hands Massage here at our studio doors open wide! We provide these quality services because of how much importance people place on having smooth soles by returning them back into their natural state as well

We hope this helps clear things up about what makes us different than others – so come see why everyone loves getting their hands done good (er)

Good Hands Massage provides the best foot massage with reflexology techniques that are authentic and extremely effective. Our skilled masseuses will leave you feeling refreshed for days after your session is over! We also provide a luxurious environment where people can relax without worrying about anything else in this world so come by Good Hands as soon, take it from someone who knows what it’s like because they offer amazing services every day just like we do here at Good Hands!

Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage

When you’re looking for an affordable Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage, check out our service menu at Good Hands Massage. Our deeply relaxing strokes result in immediate relief from built-up tension and pain! We strive to provide top-quality customer care along with low rates so all of our clients can enjoy their time spent receiving one on us – especially those who live or work nearby (we offer free parking).

There are few massage parlors in Citrus Heights that offer deep tissue services, but if you’re looking for it then we have the best of all. Our team helps our clients by giving them relief from pain and stress thanks to their accessibility – don’t wait any longer! With free gourmet tea after your session as well fresh towels available at every visit with Good Hands Massage (it’s a requirement!), refresh yourself today before work or school starts up again tomorrow morning.

Citrus Heights Full Body Massage

Looking for a Citrus Heights massage parlor? You’ll be hard-pressed to find one that can give you the full-body treatment. We provide this kind of service ourselves and have assisted many clients in eliminating their pain, stress or injury while having fun! Our focus at Good Hands Massage is always providing excellent comprehensive full body massage Citrus Heights has available–whether they want Swedish or deep tissue work done.

We’re Good Hands Massage and we believe that a full-body massage is essential to your well-being. Our skilled staff members have years of experience working on people just like you, which means they’ll be able to provide the perfect pressure for every part of your body! Not only do these caring professionals love what they do – our licensed therapists are fully trained in providing quality service with an added touch of ease so even those tight spots release quickly without any discomfort at all


So many people these days are looking for a good massage that won’t break the bank. However, it’s hard to find an experienced and reputable Citrus Heights Full Body Massage therapist who knows how important your needs truly are. So if you’re someone in need of some relaxation after work or just want time away from reality then call Good Hands Massage today! We offer affordable rates without sacrificing quality service – our foot massages will be sure to make things feel better by relaxing tense muscles while also increasing blood flow throughout all parts; deep tissue techniques provide strong pressure wherever needed most which help release built-up tension stored within tight areas like necks shoulders backs etc., reflexology can help relieve stress