Save Money At No Frills With These Savvy Tips

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No Frills has become a go-to place for those who want to buy groceries without overspending. The food store provides the customers with an opportunity to buy good-quality food items while saving money. But the best thing to feel good about is, while saving money, you also support a local business that supports local families.

If you are a regular No Frills’ customer, or you are planning to visit the store for the first time, we have come up with savvy tips to help you save even more on grocery shopping at No Frills.

Price Match Things

No Frills’ flyers Edmonton already offers goods at a low price, but they also have a price match policy that allows shoppers to save even more bucks. For this, you just need to show the cashier your No Frills flyers. If you show them a product at a lower price from a competitor, they will offer you some discount. Or, they may also give an item for free!

Choose Between Fresh And Frozen Food Carefully

It is always best to buy fresh produce when you are shopping for groceries. Fresh fruits and vegetables not only cost you less, but they also help you reduce food wastage. Another smart way to save money on fresh produce is to buy seasonal fruits and veggies.

Suppose you visit the store and find a colorful food item during winters. The brighter the item is, the more you will have to pay for it. The reason is, these food items are imported from warmer regions, which could be thousands of miles away. Thus, the better option is to include seasonal produce in your meals. It will save you a few more dollars.

Take Advantage Of Coupons

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Generally, No Frills doesn’t display coupons on walls. However, No Frills are a part of Loblaws Groups; so, you can pick coupons from there and use them at No Frills. You might find an item at a lower price at No Frills compared to the other stores. This saves you from putting an extra burden on your pocket. You can visit the nearest superstore or Loblaws weekly to check the coupon section to know the trending deals.

Collect And Increase PC Points

When you buy at No Frills, they offer PC points on certain purchases. PC points are bonus points they will send you via an email on specific items, including fruits and vegetables. Given that fresh produce coupons are a bit hard to find, you should leverage No Frills PC points.

For example, suppose you have 10,000 points. You can redeem these points for $10 in groceries. Besides, the No Frills flyer allows you to buy even more free groceries. Not only do you earn points on every transaction, but you can also earn more based on how you pay for groceries. Moreover, you can use these points at different places.

Buy Plant-Based Products More

When it comes to grocery shopping, fresh produce and proteins are the bulk items on most shoppers’ lists. These food items are expensive, no matter where you buy them. Furthermore, if you are on a keto diet, the grocery bill will go up. But you can still cut down your grocery bill by smart shopping!

Look for more fatty beef cuts and buy bigger portions. A club-size ground beef pack can cut down the price significantly. In addition, include plant-based proteins, like lentils, in your shopping cart. They are a better alternative to animal-based products and are good for both your health and the environment.

Shop With Peace Of Mind

Undeniably, No Frills is a great place to shop, even if you are new to grocery shopping and don’t know much about adjusting prices. You can buy things at reasonable prices without worrying about overpaying. Also, it is recommended to use No Frills flyers before you go out shopping. To top it all, shop with peace of mind with these suggestions that will keep you from overspending.

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