Remedies – What You Need to Know to Stay Very well

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Medications are lifesavers to get millions of Americans, providing a “quality of life” unknown previous to in the history of humankind. Billions of dollars are expended yearly on FDA approved medications with ingredients generally thought to be safe (GRAS). The problem scenario, unfortunately, is these kinds of toxic drugs can accumulate on the cellular level showing up yrs later.

From the lowly aspirin sold over the counter to a $22.99 per-pill-prescription drug, medications may be dangerous to your health. Enslaving as any street drug, sometimes they mask real problems. The skin is a magnificent creation set from the beginning of time to re-create itself cell by mobile phone. As the cells become deadly, they lose that God-given ability for perfect reproduction, often producing aberrations set for malfunction.

You know the outward symptoms of cell breakdown. As the 75 trillion cells battle to put out the energy you need to break up, assimilate and eliminate, you can find yourself fighting fatigue, in almost every scenario the first symptom of body fails to function. If you don’t recognize this warning sign, others will follow which will ensure you get your attention – or your mate’s. Headaches, shortness of air, low libido, poor concentration/memory, short temper, heart shivers and depression are yet a few.

“Self-diagnosis” with the help of tv set commercials sends us to the corner drugstore to “self-medicate. ” Sometimes we get adequate relief to keep going although our cells quietly commence shutting down. Something is absolutely wrong. Fear sets in and are off again for just a more professional diagnosis. Checks confirm our fears instructions thyroid and/or heart deterioration, blocked arteries, prostate cancer tumour, diabetes or even worse, “no-known-cause/no-known-cure”.

In that case, we’re told we need “prescriptions” and “procedures”. But simply wait. Will drug therapy “heal ” the condition or just mask the symptoms? Remembering the fact that the body was designed to self-repair, the particular question is, “will the particular drugs help the body fix – or hinder that? ” Healing is always influenced by the health of the entire body. Healthy and balanced cells put out subtle power frequencies that work together with the substance and magnetic aspects of often the physiology or body feature.

Sufficient pure water in addition to real food, as in close proximity to nature as possible, provide the content for cellular repair. The system reads the SOEFs (Subtle Organized Energy Field) released by live and organic foods and uses often the frequencies for repair. Should you stop to think about it, it makes quite a lot of sense.

Another important aspect of keeping a healthy body is cellular hydrating. According to Dr . Batmanghelidj, many diseases are caused by limited “free” water in the method. Other fluids aside, it truly is “free” water that is necessary for proper organ function. Doctor Batmanghelidj, a medical doctor in addition to the author stated, “Because quite a few doctors are not educated with regards to the systems of dehydration along with the importance of the fluid systems, they often misdiagnose organ fails to function… and treat dehydration along with medication rather than water. inch

Overdose Concerns

When normal medications are used, more often than not, as an alternative to promoting “repair” they are employed to circumvent the problem. For instance, the application of synthetic thyroid assumes if the thyroid is malfunctioning, typically the meds will provide the body synthetically with the thyroxin that it demands. However, that can cause a number of serious toxic side effects for instance abnormal heart rhythms, weight loss, hand tremors, headache, diarrhea, nervousness, menstrual irregularity, lack of ability to sleep, sweating and intolerance to heat to name a few.

In contrast, the herb kelp can be a natural and entirely safe thyroid gland regulator, providing support to the system. And now the new water-based energy medicine provides delicate cleansing at the cellular degree allowing all organs as well as systems to regain complete function through cleansing, adequate water and time. And it is all-natural- and easy.

An additional extremely toxic drug, Coumadin, is often prescribed to unnaturally thin the blood when garlic herb or Gotu Kola or even Vitamin E with Selenium works and be harm-free. Again, power medicine could have the same impact safely and with great simplicity of use. Coumadin has been involved in much more drug interactions than any drug and the side effects are generally multiple: bleeding, abdominal aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, anemia, adverse effects on body components, hepatitis, jaundice, scratching, rash, hair loss, sore can range for mouth and more.

However, the body is not programmed to study overdoses of man-made toxins mainly because it does overdoses of naturals like herbs, prunes or maybe cherries which are released by simply vomiting or diarrhea. Drug treatments accumulate over years of employment, your trade-off for sensation good now. Big issues are attached to what mediterranean sea toxicity is doing to the remaining body, especially the heart, liver organ, kidneys and nervous system. In the future, other drugs often should be prescribed for these other deterioration organs. And so it will go.

Because of a growing and very actual concern that drugs tend to be harmful, the general public has in recent times, spent more on natural remedies along with alternative therapies than on allopathic medicine. I think many of us will agree that in the past times decades, the nation’s health has become spinning out of control with outwardly no way to stop the unpredictable manner, though it now is acknowledged as a serious problem.

The latest advancement in the field of natural therapies is actually electromedicine, which allows the eq of herbs and other naturals to be programmed into nontoxic, water-based formulas. These delicate energy products gently reduce the effects of any negatives that might avoid cells from repairing, repairing and regenerating. Problem: cleaned out cells are now much more delicate to toxins, so ongoing the same dosages of medications can certainly toxify the body even more speedily. An analogy: a shot connected with whiskey that is no problem for the alcoholic may take the former psychoneurotic to the floor.

Let’s discuss that once more; after an extensive detoxification program, and if remedies are still being used without everyday detoxification (RegenerationDaily(TM)), the likelihood of overdosing is foreseeable. This situation needs to be discussed with all the physicians.

Upon completion of strong tissue cleansing and as lab tests begin to confirm organ/system fix, it is advisable to wean off drugs still used for once-malfunctioning bodily organs and systems of the physique. Again, be aware that a physician may interpret symptoms of “overdose” as “underdose” and the dependence on increased dosage, a dangerous circumstance.

In general, the side effects of something poisonous to the body, which includes drugs are nausea, queasiness, fatigue, rash, abnormal heart and soul rhythms, difficulty breathing, anxiety, dry mouth, achy muscular tissues, and sometimes agitation or confusion- vital sign distress. Usually, these symptoms are mistaken for any flu. The “agitation as well as confusion” are identical to the need for more medications, in order that it can definitely be confusing to the health care practitioner.

Eventually, the system stores these toxins at a distance in the cells of many organs or systems to help surface years later for a malady. Recently the MAJOR REGULATORY BODIES made a statement admitting that will some of the most widely used painkillers and also antipsychotic drugs can cause “adverse events and even death”.

Genuine health requires a fully-functioning physique, which is totally dependent on very good nutrition, pure water and also sound sleep with a lot of exercise, sunshine and optimistic thoughts. Medications are a stop-gap measure, the band-aiding of your health challenge and will be thus viewed by a knowledgeable medical doctor.

Note: Once the system is purged of, the socially acceptable prescription drugs, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco in addition to sugar will do exactly the same matter as medications, just for a slower rate. Drugs usually are drugs and even the weakest ones eventually accumulate inside cells – it’s only a matter of time.

Important: Continue all medications throughout any of the AltWaters(TM) cleansing systems. It’s important to consult with your physician about your intention for being weaned off all remedies as your system repairs.


Staying on medications as the cells have been cleansed in addition to repair can be hazardous to the health due to medication overdosing!

Weaning off medications about completion of an AltWaters purify

1 . To safely wean away from medication, you must work with a healthy person knowledgeable in lowering medications: M. D., a holistic physician, or doctors of integrative or complementary medicine.

2 . not Use extra detoxification to be able to neutralize toxic residue right up until all medications have halted – usually, 3 half-droppers of RegenerationDaily per day in a quart of water appreciate over 8 hours or perhaps half upon awakening and also half at dinner. The particular electro-sensitive person will need to consult with an Energy Intuitive for the right dosage.

3. Note: as the med dose is low if symptoms re-appear, often the dose can be bumped right up slightly for a time until weaning can be resumed. Ask a medical expert about this.

4. Work with a power Intuitive who understands your own personal program to discover information (often electric) that may still be developing a negative effect on your system.

your five. Don’t give up. The body can really self-repair. Sometimes it takes a little bit of extra time.

For symptoms of scientific overdose check The Pill Reserve or Physician’s Desk Reference point

Case: Medication Overdose

Later on, had been for years an insomniac with intermittent suicidal depression symptoms. Long after he had finished the cleansing/rebuilding program of energy drugs formulas, he continued the medications for diabetes. Even though his doctor recognized the truth that Joe was much better, this individual never reduced his medicines. One year later Joe had been back with his original issues which his physician go through as a need for a higher dose of his medication. The actually increased medication negated the actual cellular repair he had accomplished during his 18-week system of deep tissue cleaning.

Case: Re-toxification

A young lady called from Maui annually after she had cleaned her asthma, insomnia, changes in mood and female problems through a simple frequency cleansing program. Sick and tired again, she wondered precisely why. She was “drug toxic”! She admitted to having gone back to her coffee drinking practice. Anguished over the return involving her symptoms she inquired, “One cup of coffee a day am not able to do that, could it? very well Yes, coffee is dangerous and toxins are cumulative.

Case: Med Toxicity

“I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure by simply several physicians, and finally, outside of fear, I agreed to consider some medications (my medical professional used major scare tactics). I have not been on any medications since I continued Carol’s program six years ago. Right after playing the part of a guinea pig for three months, the blood pressure went down to appropriate levels and my physician was extremely pleased with the outcomes.

However, I was experiencing numerous side effects that were most disturbing. I had been very fatigued and I awoke every day feeling drugged. I can not wake up and on a number of occasions, I felt lightheaded and lightheaded. ” “I contacted Carol and found out I had major toxicity by simply medication. I am now over medications, cleansing and undertaking much better… 90% back to normal actually.

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Jean Keppler, B. S., Erectile dysfunction., has spent the last three decades developing her proprietary techniques and products. An Energy User-friendly, she reads the energy outcome of the cells of the organs/systems of the body through instinct confirmed by kinesiology/muscle screening. Her accuracy rate is actually 97% or better rapid one of the highest on the planet.

Carol’s clientele spans the globe. Your ex QuickScan™ method provides the answer for distance which is not an element when working with intuition. Her copyrighted FourStep™ System, Quantum Seas Technology, Body Chart Technique, QuickScan™ and Energy Drugs Foundation have established her being a true pioneer in the electricity medicine field.

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