Parenting middle schoolers

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Tween refers to children who are of the ages ten, eleven, and twelve. These are also referred to as middle schoolers as well.

While teenage is universally acclaimed to be brutal on parents, tween can also be challenging as well. It is also the time for puberty; either it has already hit, or is on the horizon, and therefore, comes with its own set of problems.

Moreover, during this time, children also get a change in their attitude. They move away from their docile and sweet self, slowly morphing into the typical teen behavior.

Parents need to be very careful during this time, and not just be considerate about the change in the thinking and mindset of their children, but also cater to the physical changes occurring in their bodies. You can consult the Best Child specialist in Lahore for getting more accurate knowledge about the nutrient requirements of your growing child.

Here are some other things that you should consider:


Puberty requires some extra care with hygiene. It causes a change in body odor. There is also a matter of hair growth in the pits and the pubes. Therefore, make sure that alongside daily showering, wearing deodorant, and clean clothes, they also have the know-how of hair removal, if needed.

Encourage physical activity

Excessive dependence on screens has had a dire impact on physical activity, lack of which then leads to problems with physical and mental health.

Therefore, it is vital that you encourage physical activity in your tween. You can either do physical activity for family time, like playing in the backyard or going to the park together, or you can enroll them into gym classes like kickboxing.

Games, weight training, swimming are some other helpful forms of exercises that you should encourage your child to play.

Social skills are important

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Tweens may be the time that your outspoken and confident kid might retrieve in their shell, but don’t be surprised by it. Many children, as they enter the pre-young adult phase, might have a hard time with their social skills, and understandably so.

Their bodies are changing, there is an onslaught of sex hormones. While high school is notorious for being hard, middle school is not far behind. The attitude of their peers changes, kids start bullying each other, social image becomes important.

In this milieu, you need to help your child retain their social skills and help them not get overwhelmed. They are still open to parental help, so do your part in helping them retain their confidence.

Make sleep a priority

Tweens need around 9-12 hours of sleep every night. This, however, is not always possible, especially for tweens who are also very active in extracurricular activities. Some tweens simply do have a good sleep schedule.

Alongside causing daytime drowsiness, lack of quality and adequate sleep also then jeopardizes the growth, development, physical and mental health of the child.

Hence, it is imperative that you arrange the schedule of your child in such a way that it does not compromise their need for 9-12 hours of sleep. A helpful tip is limiting screen time; screens emit blue light and thus when used in bed, they make sleeping difficult. So, make sure that your child does not use any device before bedtime or when in bed.

Visit the doctor

While you definitely need to take your child to the doctor if they have some ailments, however, an annual exam is also important to gauge their growth and development.

Doctors need to assess development milestones, measure weight and height to see if they are in the normal range. They also need to get their dental checkups alongside having their eyesight reviewed.

Tweens also need to get certain immunization shots, therefore, make sure that you take your child to the Best Child specialist in Karachi for a comprehensive annual checkup.

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