Outlook Mail 365- The Exclusive Review


Outlook Mail 365 is one of the best premium email services on the web, and it has made a name for itself through the quality of services it provides. The service has been available for a very long time, and this has given the developers a lot of time to develop the service and make it top tier. It is hard to create a perfect service, and in this article, we will be taking a look at all the fantastic things that make Outlook Mail 365 stand out and the aspects we would love to see improved or changed entirely. 

Outlook Mail 365

There are many email services on the market, but there are only specific aspects that only Outlook Mail  will provide. In this article, we will be looking at some of those aspects and some elements that we would love to see a change in Outlook Mail .

The Positive-Outlook Mail 365 

There are a lot of positives that come with Outlook Mail 365. This is the main reason why they have stayed on top of the time service game for so long. Some of the positives that come with using Office Outlook 365 include

The Polished Interface- Outlook Mail 365

The interface used by Outlook Mail 365 could easily be the most polished interface available on the market. There are dozens of ways that other companies use to display your mail, and Outlook Mail has integrated some of the best to their interface. If you fancy the GMAIL conversation-style email display, it is available in Outlook Mail .

There is a focused mail feature for those who want to separate their essential mail from the rest. This feature allows you to access all your important correspondence in one place. The ribbon menu is also available in Outlook Mail . All these features might make your screen a little bloated, but you can remove parts you deem unnecessary easily. This could be, by far, the most customizable email interface on the market. 

Integrated Access for Outlook Mail 365

One thing that makes Outlook Mail stand out is the fact that you can access it from any device. The Outlook on Web feature allows you to access a web-based outlook service even when you are not using a desktop. The service is available for both Android and IOS. Integrated access and s no matter where you are, you can access your emails and sent emails with relative ease. The interface looks quite sleek on smaller screens, too; you do not have to worry about getting a low-tier service when you access the service from a smaller device. 

AI Integration into Outlook Mail 365

One thing that has also made Outlook Mail 365 stand out, especially in recent years, is integrating AI into the service. AI can be used to help you sort your mail. There is also a new feature that allows to set up payments. The automatic payment system is a venture with Braintree and Stripe. It has proven to be quite useful.

The Negatives- Outlook Mail 365

Outlook Mail is Expensive

You need to fork out nearly $120 per year to use Outlook Mail per year as part of the office 365 package. This is very expensive, especially because service providers are offering similar services for free. The pricing, in a way, puts the software out of reach for several people. 

Outlook Mail 365 is a Little Too Complicated

Compared to some of the competitors, using Outlook Mail is a little complicated. It might be tough to integrate the software into an already existing setup due to its complexity level.

There is an upside to using Outlook Mail , and it is the fact that it gets things done. 


Can you use Outlook Mail 365 on Android?

Outlook Mail is available on Android

Is Outlook Mail 365 free?

Outlook Mail is not free you have to have a commercial Office 365 subscription to access it

Can I use my Gmail account in Outlook Mail 365?

Yes, you can use your Gmail account in Outlook Mail 365