OneDrive App –The Extraordinary Tech Story

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It is always a fantastic sight when a tech project manages to scale heights. This is the story of the OneDrive App. The OneDrive App has a pretty amazing story that has dozens of twists and turns. The App has managed to gain a lot of traction in the tech space, but this can be attributed to a lot of innovation if their story is anything to go by. The OneDrive app is one of Microsoft’s most popular apps, but it was not always that way. When it was first launched, there was still a lot of skepticism when it came to cloud storage.

OneDrive App

The OneDrive App has millions of downloads across different platforms. The service turns over millions of profits yearly, and it has managed to be one of the most popular synching platforms on earth. To understand how they go here, let’s take a peek at the history of the App.

The History- OneDrive app

The idea that is now the OneDrive App was conceived and came into being in 2007. Microsoft noticed that the internet was growing, and so was cloud storage. Microsoft decided to launch a cloud storage service for their use. The initial name for the OneDrive App was Windows Live folders or SkyDrive. Window Live Folders grew in bounds providing users with 25 GB of cloud storage on December the 2nd, 2008. The same year saw the service open a separate access point entirely for photos and videos called Windows Live Photos.

When the User Interface for SkyDrive was redesigned and restructured in 2011, the two services, Windows Folders, and Windows Live Folders, merged. The overhaul of the interface saw the introduction of an interface that could allow you to view how much storage you used and how much warehouse you had left. The same year also saw the launch of the Sky Drive App on IOS and the Windows platform.

In 2013 SkyDrive was taken to court over the use of the term Sky by Sky UK. SkyDrive lost the lawsuit and was found guilty of infringing some trademark issues. The case prompted the rebranding to OneDrive. By March 2014, the transition was complete, and all SkyDrive application ns and services had been relabelled to OneDrive.

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Present Day –OneDrive App

OneDrive is available on all major platforms and is easily one of the most popular file-hosting services on the market. Microsoft has reduced the amount of storage space from 25 GB in 2013 to 5GB. They have added several features thought that have made the OneDrive app an innovative tool OneDrive allow s you to download complete folders as zip files. This feature has proved to be very important, especially for users who store many files. The limit for this feature is 15GB.

The one drive app has also made strides in privacy with the introduction of the personal vault. The vault feature allows you to store your most sensitive files in a folder with a rigorous authentication process; The private burial has proved to be hot amongst the OneDrive App users. In several instances, Microsoft has also reiterated the fact that the access to user data by Microsoft personnel is limited and that there are strict company policies in place to ensure that this is followed.

Cloud storage is an essential service that everyone needs, and through history, the OneDrive App has proved to be the most consistent service provider.


Is OneDrive compatible with IOS?

The OneDrive app is available on IOS

Is the OneDrive App free?

The OneDrive app is free for download on both Play Store and App Store

How much does OneDrive cost?

To use OneDrive you have to pay $6.99 per month.

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