Olde Yorke Fish And Chips- Best Fish And Chips In Town

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Who doesn’t love a classic restaurant? Olde Yorke Fish And Chips is a Famous Classic Restaurant that provides wholesome meals. They are continuing a family tradition of best fish & chips for three generations from 70 years. From several take-out shops in England during the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, to the Britannia in Trenton during the ’80s and now in Toronto since the ’90s. Today, Olde Yorke remains a family-owned and operated restaurant where you will find Rachael and Olivia, who have worked in the business for 20 years. The restaurant Olde Yorke Fish and Chips was opened on March 16, 1997.


They always strive to provide the best fish and chips and brilliant service in a relaxed traditional pub-like atmosphere. At Olde Yorke, they have the finest customers you could ask for, many of whom have been visiting since 1997.


Olde Yorke Fish And Chips– Exclusive History


The property which you now see the restaurant was TTC driver on route 56. When Peter and Anna Feather, the first owner saw the property, they thought this might be a nice place to open a restaurant. Laird Drive at the time was a quiet street, with industry on the east side. The Feathers had never been to Leaside before and knew nothing about the neighborhood.


They sat outside near Laird Drive and thought those pass by might be interested in eating fish and chips. They both also knew that for the business to be successful there had to be quality in the kitchen and service in the dining room. Therefore, Peter and Anna opened Olde Yorke Fish And Chips, the best fish and chips in town.


After some time owners had one son and a twin daughter, and know that their kids get involved, Peter and Anna can make life a bit easier.


Olde Yorke Fish And Chips– The Best Ingredients Provided


Peter, one of the restaurant owners, is originally a chef, and he spent less time cooking and more time sourcing excellent ingredients. The refrigerated trucks make their first stop at the restaurant to deliver fresh fish and other seafood items. The owners pay a lot of attention to the potatoes for chips, which arrive in huge quantities. Luckily, they have a machine peeler and a potato chipper that can process 50 pounds a minute. They also prepare home-made ingredients for their desserts like key lime pie, apple crisp, and sherry trifle. They know the town markets well. It means they had fresh vegetables every day.


Olde Yorke Fish And Chips– The Shunning Food 


The special meal of the restaurant fish and chips seems simple, but sometimes simplest meals are the toughest to pull off. But at Olde Yorke Fish And Chips, the batter is consistent, and the fish is never overcooked. The restaurant has got some domestic beer options that you should try. They also serve garden salad, Greek salad, and Chicken Caesar salad. Appetizers are also available at the restaurant such as Cod Cheeks and Clam Chowder. The entire restaurant has great taste where you can take your family and friends for brunch.

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What is the restaurant’s open timing?

Olde Yorke Fish And Chips opens at 11:30 am.

Do Olde Yorke Fish And Chips accept cashless payment?

Yes, Olde Yorke Fish And Chips do accept cashless payment.

I want to know whether they accept phone orders or not?

Yes, Olde Yorke Fish And Chips do accept phone orders.

Do they practice social distancing?

Yes, Due to the pandemic, Olde Yorke Fish And Chips practice physical distancing in the kitchen with a decrease in staff, and they are open with a limited menu.

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