Microsoft Office Word Online – The Best Tool for Your Documents



Microsoft office word online – We all have tons of documents and projects to make. People have to write official emails and proposals while students are busy with their assignments and projects. Writers like to type their poetry and stories. However, it’s not just about typing. Several other factors are count in a document—for Instance, the fonts, colour, style, images, etc. Therefore, Microsoft Office Word Online has become the need of the world.

The best part about Microsoft Office Word Online is that you can enjoy access to your documents wherever you go. You don’t have to carry your laptop all the time with you. All you need to do is save your file in your OneDrive account. After that, you can log in to any device, and your documents will be with you. Isn’t it easy and too convenient? Besides that, you can read and edit your file through your smartphone. To know about more future details, jump to the next section.

Features of Microsoft Office Word Online

There are various features of Microsoft Office Word Online. Please find the list below:

1 . Design With Confidence –

With so much extra detailing, you get the chance to design your file as per your preference. For Instance, you can add images, WordArt, ClipArt, and many more. If you like, you can also mention hyperlinks that will connect your audience to other webpages. Moreover, you can format the whole look with different fonts and styles. All these options will create a look for your document as per the event.


2 . Edit As You Like –

Once you have selected a design, it does not mean you have made a final decision. You can always edit your style and content at any given point in time. You can also take away the editing option from readers for the safety purpose. Through this option, your colleagues or client can’t make any changes to your project. Hence, there are very few and minimal chances of fraud.


3 . Collaborate And Share –

Let’s say you get a group project with your team members. You all have divided the topics you will write about in the project. Instead of writing on different documents and merging them later, save your time through Microsoft Office Word Online. One person can create a file and share it with the rest of the group. Once the admin has given everyone the editing rights, the rest can start working on and at the same time.


By now, you have surely got a clue about how Microsoft Office Word Online works. There are numerous characteristics that it offers. You can go from a formal letter to creating a pamphlet for an event through these properties. Moreover, you can also buy the premium version of Microsoft 365 to enjoy more qualities such as editing tracks, reviewing changes, formatting page orientation, and modifying chart elements. Hence, it is the best option for you to go with Microsoft Office Word Online if you want to build quality content.


Does Microsoft Office Word Online let you upload and edit images?

Yes. You can upload images and crop them accordingly in Microsoft Office Word Online.

Can I open the files on other devices?

The files are present on your OneDrive account. You can log in to your OneDrive account from any device, and you will be able to have access to those files.

What will be the storage of Microsoft 365 subscription in OneDrive Cloud?

You will get storage up to 1 TB On purchasing the Microsoft 365 Subscription.