Important Features of Toyota Hilux Snorkel

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Snorkels are used to keep the Hilux on track and protect your engine from dust, water ingestion, and snow. Irrespective of existing weather conditions, Toyota Hilux snorkels are assured that only dry and clean air is available all time. They are produced from polyethylene and are UV- stable. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and are very much resilient. Before production, intensive research and testing are performed on the Toyota Hilux snorkels. Your vehicle would be well protected when crossing rivers or driving on dusty roads due to sealed snorkels. The Toyota Hilux snorkels are very durable and give a great appearance due to proper fitting and high-quality fixtures. 

10 Important Features Of Toyota Hilux Snorkels

  • Provide Water Protection To Your Car’s Engine- The Toyota Hilux snorkels keep your engine dry. These snorkels also maintain the 4WD in moving condition when your car is crossing a water body. Hence it reduces the chances of engine damage.
  • Reduce Intake Of Dust While Driving During Weather Extremities- The Toyota Hilux snorkels ensure no negative impact on the engine performance. In contrast, you drive in convoys on a tough, dusty road.
  • Compatible With Pre-Cleaners- These snorkels are compatible with pre-cleaners measuring 7 or 10 inches.
  • Deliver Fresh Air To The Car’s Engine- These snorkels have high air ducting feature that provides air in excess to the engine.
  • Vehicle Specificity- The snorkel fits perfectly with the particular car model that it is designed for. 
  • Durability- These snorkels are highly durable and are made up of UV-proof materials. They fit robustly to your 4×4 vehicle. They are made up of stainless steel and are resistant to corrosion on inter and external fixtures and fitting regions. They are tooled and often made up of EPDM rubber, which is molded. This molded rubber can withstand a continuous temperature of 130ºC while the car operates.
  • Innovative Design- Air Ram system is pivotal in structure and can rotate 360º that attributes to the snorkel functionally. This Air Ram can remove the maximum amount of water and moisture from the incoming airflow. This design allows full airflow to the engine of your vehicle.
  • The connecting elbow pipe of the snorkel is even made up of ABS plastic which is UV resistant.
  • Mounting template guidelines are provided on the body of the plain Toyota hilux snorkel.
  • These snorkels come with water separation technology while off-road.

What Are The Two Types Of Toyota Hilux Snorkel?

  • ARMAX Performance Snorkel– They develop the feature of an increased flow of air to the car’s airbox. ARMAX ECU improves the overall performance of the vehicle. It consists of a simple plug.
  • Traditional Snorkels are further of two subtypes, namely V-Spec and R-spec snorkels. These are made up of polyethylene which is resistant to UV radiations.

Toyota hilux snorkel you might like to go for it to enjoy

6 Important Parts That You Get In A Toyota Hilux Snorkel Kit

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It is suggested that the installer must verify all the components in the kit before going fitting. It is of importance to check the template before vehicle customization or modification. 

6 Parts Available In The Kit Are:

  • Ram head for air intake, which is made up of stainless clip.
  • Optional adaptor pipe made up of rubber can be present with the main body of the snorkel.
  • Snorkels for door pillar brackets and fixings are provided in the kit.
  • Goods for fixing like nuts, screws, washers, stainless studs, etc. are present
  • Template
  • The structure for intake to ABS connecting pipe of the snorkel is current. This is also made up of stainless clips. 


So, considering the positive aspects of Toyota hilux snorkel you might like to go for it to enjoy a worry-free driving experience.

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