How Home Inspection Differs From Commercial Inspection?

What matters the most while buying or selling a property? Is it the location, budget, or construction design?- No, it is the property inspection. No one wants to buy a damaged or flawed property. Numerous property inspectors give their head- to- toe in finding out every hidden damage and possible risk in various residential and commercial properties.

Now, if you think inspection is an inspection, you can again take a wrong decision. Commercial and home inspection are two different things, and therefore before calling any home inspection or commercial inspection company, you should know about the differences in both.

There are separate inspectors for residential and commercial building inspections. Whereas, at fewer times, a commercial building inspector claims to do both the residential and commercial inspections with too much ease and perfection.

Can you hire a home inspector for a commercial inspection? 

It is a common myth of the real estate world that there is no difference between a home inspector and a commercial building inspector. However, they are very different and so calling a home inspector for commercial inspection is not a good idea. As commercial buildings are generally different from home buildings, the inspection company you hire requires special knowledge and skill in inspecting such buildings.

Also, only a commercial inspector can provide you an extensive knowledge of the building along with all the things contained in it. So, never make the mistake of hiring is wrong inspection company or inspector for your commercial building inspection.

To have better knowledge, let’s see the differences in the roles of a residential and a commercial inspector-

  1. Required time duration- Commercial buildings are way huger than residential spaces. Moreover, these buildings might include complex structures and expanded drainage and ventilation systems. So the commercial building inspectors need at least 6-7 hours on the inspection site and then 2-3 hours in their office to finalize the reports. Whereas if you are looking for a home inspection near me, a residential inspector would just need 3-4 hours for his inspection procedure.
  2. Wide range of buildings- Commercial building inspectors cover many buildings, including hotels, restaurants, apartments, retail stores, factories, warehouses, grocery stores, shopping malls, etc. Whereas a residential inspection includes homes only. The construction designs and sizes of the homes might vary, but the skills required are the same. So, the wide range of commercial buildings requires commercial inspectors to master comparatively more skills than residential inspectors.
  3. Inspection charges- The payments would also be huge because of the larger skills required, great time durations, and a wide range of buildings covered in commercial inspections. So, there is no point in hiring someone who is not proficient in inspecting commercial buildings.

Similarly, hiring a commercial inspector for a home inspection will again not serve your purpose because of the cost difference. If you search for a home inspector, type cheap home inspection near me, and you will come across some of the affordable home inspectors. The same way you can adopt to search commercial inspectors in your neighbourhood.

  1. Referral opportunities- A growing business needs expanded spaces as well. So business clients have more referral opportunities and inspection projects for their commercial inspectors. Moreover, commercial clients have numerous contacts in the same field, which further increases the chances of referrals for commercial inspectors. Whereas home inspections are not done on a yearly basis and are thus lacking in terms of referrals and repeat works.
  2. Risks and responsibilities- commercial building inspector needs to handle greater risks and responsibilities as compared to a home inspector. The buildings are huge, and the deadlines are strict in case of commercial building inspections. Moreover, the mistakes made by home inspectors would cost way lesser than those made by commercial building inspectors. So besides being accountable for all the inspecting deeds, a commercial building inspector needs to be a perfectionist at all times.


 Commercial inspections are way different from home inspections. Therefore, you should always inspectors who are skilled and knowledgeable in inspecting commercial buildings. You will find a company that has both skilled and trained commercial inspectors along with home inspectors. But before you hire inspectors for your home or commercial building, consider the above-mentioned differences and decide accordingly.

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