French Foodie in Dublin


Ireland offers an intriguing blend of French and traditional culinary traditions, making its food scene truly exciting to explore. Visitors looking to immerse themselves in Dublin’s food culture can sample its delectable dishes by participating in culinary tours and events.

Ketty Quigley is a Ballymaloe-trained chef who offers tours and events highlighting Ballymaloe’s vibrant food culture. She provides unique dining experiences that reflect Ireland’s recent culinary revolution as well as its centuries-old culinary history.

French Foodie in Dublin offers a variety of tours and events

Dublin offers an eclectic culinary scene for every type of diner – whether looking for an intimate or casual dining experience. Tours and events give guests an insider perspective into local food culture, flavors, and customs; many occasions are led by knowledgeable local guides who can provide insight into where to eat in Dublin.

Many culinary tours include stops at local farms, food producers, and artisanal businesses to allow visitors to learn traditional farming techniques and witness first-hand the artistry involved in producing high-quality Irish foodstuffs. Furthermore, most tours feature tastings or workshops so visitors can discover new and delicious dishes while learning more about ingredients, culinary traditions, and the history of Irish cuisine.

French Foodie in Dublin provides tours and events that showcase both Irish and French food cultures. Their website showcases articles about restaurants, recipes, and news updates, as well as an active forum dedicated to cuisine and travel topics. Their founders are passionate about their content and want to encourage others to discover Ireland’s rich culinary scene.

Ketty Quigley, a Ballymaloe-trained chef and award-winning food blogger, founded French Foodie in Dublin to share her love of French cuisine with others. Through tours that focus on both Ireland’s recent culinary revolution and longstanding traditions – markets, shops, cafes – participants can sample various foods and beverages such as cheese, coffee, whiskey, and chocolate!

The company strives to offer clients an enjoyable experience and is dedicated to maintaining the highest health and safety standards, including complying with COVID-19 guidelines, limiting group sizes to ensure social distancing, offering hand sanitizers during tours, providing bottled water when appropriate and serving gluten-free foods when applicable.

The website boasts a clean and modern design with vibrant and lively color choices inspired by classic French icons that add an energetic and playful aesthetic. Navigating the site is straightforward, making it ideal for foodies of all ages and backgrounds alike.

They adhere to COVID-19 safety measures.

French Foodie in Dublin offers an engaging and informative way to explore Ireland’s vibrant culinary culture. Through social media and its blog, French Foodie in Dublin promotes Irish restaurants, tours, and events while connecting visitors with local purveyors and makers. Furthermore, French Foodie features articles and recipes related to Irish and French cuisines.

This site explores Irish food culture from a French standpoint and seeks to bridge the gap between traditional Irish dishes and global culinary trends. Its guides discuss traditional meals’ origins as well as the history and significance of certain ingredients – providing participants with a deeper insight into Irish food culture as it relates to Ireland’s rich heritage.

Ketty Quigley understands the challenges associated with finding comfort food when traveling can be daunting, which inspired her to create her blog and grow it into an invaluable resource for both local foodies and travelers alike. Over time, she has amassed a devoted following, becoming one of Dublin’s premier travel bloggers.

French Foodie in Dublin hosts numerous food-themed events and tours throughout the year, providing attendees with an excellent opportunity to explore Dublin while meeting other food enthusiasts and local businesses that hope to gain extra publicity or traffic through these activities.

Food blogger tours provide an exciting way to experience a city’s culinary offerings while serving as an effective revenue generator for restaurants and other businesses that take part. Participants of food blogger tours are able to sample multiple restaurants’ cuisines in just one trip. Bloggers have successfully utilized this strategy as part of their business models, and many continue using this model today.

The Dublin Food Tour offers an excellent way to experience Dublin’s dynamic dining scene. Hosted each week at different parts of town, it reveals delicious foods and beverages along its path – providing foodies an opportunity to meet fellow foodies as well as discover top restaurants in Dublin.

They offer private tours for groups.

Dublin offers an abundance of delights when it comes to culinary culture. A fascinating combination of French and Irish traditions makes Dublin a gastronomic paradise ripe for exploration. Many restaurants and events can help visitors taste all that Dublin has to offer!

Food scenes across the city are bustling, offering visitors everything from fine dining to traditional pubs. Additionally, this area is well known for its culinary festivals and competitions, which allow visitors to gain exposure to professional chefs while developing skills necessary to excel in future culinary careers.

Take part in food tours as another great way to experience Dublin’s rich culinary tradition. These tours are led by knowledgeable hosts who can guide you through Dublin’s top restaurants, pubs, and cafes, providing an in-depth view of its local food scene while giving you access to some delicious cuisine from top chefs.

Ketty Quigley of Irish food blogger Ketty Quigley has an affinity for French cuisine and started her blog to promote it in Dublin. Inspired by this passion for French fare, she designed tours highlighting shops and businesses specializing in French fare within Dublin City. Not only are these tours informative, but they also provide opportunities to sample authentic French foods and beverages!

Ketty hopes to instill pride among Dubliners about Irish cuisine while encouraging visitors from overseas to discover it through her tour offerings. She feels Ireland’s limited presence in food circles is regrettable and wants to change this perception through Ketty’s tours.

Dublin offers plenty of activities and attractions, and dining out in its numerous restaurants and cafes without spending a fortune is one of them. To maximize your time in the city, visit its markets for fresh organic ingredients or talk with locals to discover hidden dining gems that offer intimate experiences.

They offer a walking food tour.

Dublin provides dining experiences from casual to upscale, boasting an exquisite combination of Irish and French flavors that makes for a magnificent foodie paradise. To discover an array of restaurants and cuisines in Dublin, the Dublin Food Tours, run by local blogger Sean Rankin, can help visitors explore a range of restaurants while discovering many others as part of a guided experience. Also featured on his blog are travel tips related to food and travel, as well as recommendations of top eateries around town.

The website seeks to promote local restaurants and events through its content, helping them gain new customers and visibility. The author uses vivid descriptions and personal experiences to draw readers in and encourage them to experience Dublin’s varied culinary culture. In addition, the blog explores similarities and differences between French and Irish cuisine in order to foster cultural interaction and facilitate understanding between both nations.

Irish cuisine is founded on seasonal and local ingredients that reflect its agricultural tradition, boasting world-renowned chefs and restaurants that showcase Ireland’s history and gastronomic legacy – which may explain why Nat Geo magazine named Ireland one of the “coolest places on earth” in 2020!

Discovering Irish food tours can be done in many ways, but the ideal method is following a knowledgeable local guide who can lead you on delicious adventures. Ketty Quigley of Delicious Dublin Tours runs three-hour walking food tours that introduce visitors to Dublin’s artisan and gourmet offerings while including tastings at various restaurants and shops, along with an overview of its culinary past and present.

Tours are led by a Ballymaloe-trained chef and former tour operator and provide a unique insight into Dublin’s food scene. Intended to appeal to both locals and international visitors, these tours offer an engaging way of experiencing Irish culture while being fun and educational at the same time. Beyond food-focused excursions, these tours also include visits to some intriguing museums or cultural landmarks in Ireland.