Firebird Tours Reviews


Firebird Tours specializes in creating unforgettable journeys of a lifetime. Their multi-destination programs take travelers through some of the world’s most remarkable places – such as signature small group tours in Scandinavia, Italy, and Spain to tailor-made private journeys across Central Asia, including Russia.

These tours provide superior value and quality at up to 50% less cost than similar tours offered by other travel agencies.


Firebird Tours provides exceptional tours to some of the world’s most incredible locations, from Alaska’s majestic mountains to Hawaii’s palm-lined beaches and beyond. Their travel packages span Asia, Africa, and beyond so that you can discover China’s three cities, Genghis Khan’s nomad spirit in Mongolia, or Japan’s captivating culture – each experience will exceed your expectations!


Firebird Tours specializes in organizing journeys of a lifetime. Their travel experiences range from small group tours through Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and Central Asia to private trips to some of the world’s most astounding locations. Their intelligent logistics solutions and time-saving connections help make every journey convenient and worry-free – they can even manage complex itineraries efficiently!

Since its establishment in New York City in 2007, Firebird Tours has adhered to three core principles. First, they prioritize planning with knowledgeable destination specialists; next, they partner with top suppliers for high-quality services; finally, they deliver value by offering luxury trips at prices significantly less than other travel agencies.

Comprehensive itineraries take the hassle out of planning your European adventure, from discovering Eastern European culture to traversing the world’s longest railway route – they have something suitable for every need and budget! Additionally, all must-see sites of Europe will be visited seamlessly with professional local guides acting as your guides throughout your tour, along with money-back guarantees and safety protocols in place to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Firebird Tours’ mission is to organize unforgettable journeys – multi-destination private trips that allow participants to visit some of the world’s most breathtaking places. At Travel with Joy, we specialize in simplifying complex itineraries, selecting top-of-the-line suppliers, and offering unforgettable travel experiences at prices you might not expect. All trip prices are based on services provided per person, with all taxes, fees, and charges included per booking. Reservations can be made either directly through the Company or its payment partners Firebird Tours PTY Australia and UAB Agora BT (collectively known as Agencies). All trips booked through the Company fall under one set of Terms of Business that apply equally across both entities.

Customer service

Firebird Tours specializes in tailor-making journeys of a lifetime: custom private trips through Russia, Scandinavia, Southern Europe, and Britain, as well as Central Asia. They provide expert assistance from knowledgeable destination specialists during the planning stage and an unbeatable travel experience on the ground with hotels, guides, and transfer companies that are carefully chosen for both quality and value. Three core principles guide their approach: 1. They believe the best customer service means providing expert guidance throughout the planning process. 2. They specialize in travel experiences and offer world-class services at more cost-effective rates than luxury travel agencies. 3. Finally, they make complex itineraries simple enough that any vacation can be enjoyed with ease.