Create An App With A Difference: An Eco-Friendly Mobile Application In Modern Time

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Google has taken a lead in the initiative of launching an eco-friendly mobile application. While it is not a dedicated app, Google has updated its Map services to navigate the users through eco-friendly routes.

There are many more mobile applications that are leveraging mobile application development services to come up with a similar idea. Most of them are already available in the market with the registration of a strong growth rate.

Other industries to take the lead in eco-friendly initiatives are the gift industry, automobile industry, apparel industry, fitness industry, and healthcare industry, to name a few.

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Reasons To Have An Eco-Friendly Mobile App

Technology influences the choices we make every day. It is the first thing to be accessed when a need arises. Most of us open a cab aggregator’s app before looking for any other transportation mode.

There are many other reasons why you must consider having an eco-friendly mobile app.

Impacts Lifestyle

The lifestyle of the current generation requires constant monitoring. The major part of the job requires a person to remain seated in the office. This negatively affects our health, especially if the active lifestyle is not being followed outside the work. Also read>How To Maintain 100% IPhone Battery Health.

An eco-friendly mobile app tracks sugar level and calories burnt, to mention a few. Many apps remind you to drink water regularly to remain hydrated. This coincides with environmental benefits as it indirectly promotes walking a few miles instead of driving your car around the block.

Cost Is Reduced

Natural resources are available in a limited quantity. Their prices tend to rise when they are near the extreme stage. Everyone can stop this from happening by learning skills and techniques to rely more on reusing or recycling alternative resources.

Technology has been known to have a mass reach in the market. There is a reason why it is believed to connect people across the globe. A person who resides in Australia can share the necessary skills with the people of other countries. You can also hire dedicated app developers to secure a more robust backend system.

Better Opportunities

You can reach a larger section of the audience to share information about your products and services. You can run a fuel-efficient cab service 24/7 but it would serve its purpose at the best level only if the idea goes beyond a certain region of the city, state, or country.

Social firms are always on the lookout to read as many people as possible. Their revenue depends purely on donations or sales that they make. An eco-friendly app gives them this edge. It also showcases the brand as a dedicated environment savior.

Helps The Planet

Following the ideology of being eco-friendly is all about saving the planet by helping it to live a healthy life. An eco-friendly mobile app ensures mass participation from its users. Teams have organized marathons, using the mobile app, across the country to witness participation in huge numbers.

Everyone who helps the planet ultimately conserves the inhabitability, making it a better place not just for the current generation but for future generations as well. The natural benefits and personal benefits do coincide. It is important to understand them and follow them with due diligence.

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Some Of The Best Eco-Friendly Mobile Apps

Many start-ups and/or established firms have started leading the initiative by example. They have surpassed the phase of discussion by implementing their ideas for the betterment of the planet. Here are a few eco-friendly mobile applications.

Olio App

Food wastage is still a problem. Whether it is related to an event or residential purpose. Olio App is here to resolve this issue for everyone. All the users can access the app to share the excess food instead of throwing it in the dustbin.

All you have to do is take a photo and share it on the Olio App. Other nearby users will get an alert about it and they will get in touch with you for the same. Olio App is available on Android and iOS.

Paperkarma App

Just like we mark an online mail as spam, we can also mark an offline mail as spam to stop receiving it forever. This helps to save mail paper and avoid unnecessary transportation of the mail company.

Paperkarma app lets you take a photo of the mail and unsubscribe from the mailing list of the publishing company that has been sending you the mail. You would additionally be required to enter/select your name and address to confirm your identity.

Happycow App

Being a vegetarian is a great idea. Considering the fact that avoiding meat consumption reduces carbon footprint, vegetarians always get a proud laugh at their choices. Happycow App helps you to discover a vegetarian restaurant near your location.

You may also enter the zip code, city, or region to find a vegetarian restaurant. This is very helpful during the times when you are planning to take a trip to another location. It is available on Android and iOS.

iHuerting App

Gardening is tough and yet the most loved hobby in the world. However, you may be unknowingly damaging the plants or trying to harvest the wrong ones in an inappropriate season. iHuerting App guides you with the best plant that you can harvest in a specific season.

It also reminds you to water your plants regularly. You can keep a record of all your plants by registering the entry in the app. This will help you to keep track of what you are growing in your garden. The app is on Android and iOS.

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Final Words

An eco-friendly mobile app can help you to have to the point interpretation of everything. It also motivates and encourages people to participate in the initiative and take it forward.

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