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ConvoBots Review: Are you there in the online marketing segments, or you own a business website then? It is essential to see whether your site is getting good targeted traffic or not? If it’s not getting, it can be difficult for your ConvoBots Review business growth as traffic is the prime source for generating business leads. Well, the prime reason behind this lower traffic can be due to the increased bounce rate on your website. 

ConvoBots Review: We have seen many cases here that due to the higher bounce rate, several websites have been suffering from lower web traffic, and as a result, they are not able to make their monthly sales target. Bounce rate means that visitors are coming to your site but just skipping your pages and going away from your page due to any reason. This eventually increases the business losses since if you get fewer sales and traffic, then your business will not survive in the longer term. 

ConvoBots Review – So, by keeping in mind all these kinds of stuff, the leading marketer Kartik Ramani has come up with an innovative tool called ConvoBots Review , a next-generation Progressive Disclosure Technology-based tool that will reduce your website’swebsite’s bounce rates. It will also help you boost your on-page engagement, ensuring you are fetching better sales and revenue. So, let’s see what stuff you would be getting from this useful tool in this regard.    

What is ConvoBots – ConvoBots Review

ConvoBots Review: ConvoBots is a premier tool that offers you a brand-new progressive disclosure technology that helps you in reducing your website’swebsite’s bounce rate and boost traffic flow to generate more leads and sales, all at a go. This is a premier tool that helps you reduce your website bounce rate in all autopilot and makes your site google friendly so that you can get a more significant number of traffic and sales. 

Well, apart from that, ConvoBots helps businesses create pattern interrupting Chatbots using progressive disclosure Technology. 

ConvoBots Review: As a result, your visitors usually get surprised for the first time when they landed on the site powered by ConvoBots, which will indeed respond to their choices instead of confusing them with all improper information.  

Top Features of ConvoBots 

  • Reduce Bounce Rate – ConvoBots reduces your website’swebsite’s bounce rates and helps you get more leads and customers without any additional efforts. Thus, it is indeed a useful tool that readily enables you to increase your website’s engagement and traffic, all by reducing the bounce rate. 
  • Boost Lead Conversion – This premier tool helps boost lead generation and conversion all incomplete autopilot, and thus, you no need to spend huge bucks on paid ads either on Google or Facebook since it increases Your Lead conversion level from 3% to an average of 15% all on autopilot that helps you in getting better traffic and conversion from your target customer.
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns – Well, you can create and run all unlimited conversational campaigns all on complete autopilot here with this tool. Therefore, with this tool in hand, you can feel free to set up campaigns for your clients and charge them Top dollar while we do all the heavy lifting for you.  
  • Collect Leads & Build your list – If you are worried regarding list building, then with ConvoBots, it will become much more comfortable and straightforward than before. When your visitors remain engaged in a conversation, prompt them to enter their email id and, in this way, easily capture them by using this premier tool and add them to your autoresponder. Since this premier tool integrates easily with almost all the significant autoresponders from across the globe.    
  • Response-based giveaways – With this premier tool, you will incentivize people with relevant giveaways based on their response and get their Email IDs in the process. This is much more effective than any regular giveaway, which treats all the visitors alike and gives everyone the same thing without considering their likes and interests. 
  • CName Mapping – If you have your domain, you can quickly run this premier tool through it as here you can CName map your domain and then run your campaigns straight from your part. You can run with 100% authority on your domain all within a few clicks.   
  • Add your Branding – Run your campaigns with your custom logo and change the template colors to suit your brand’s best theme.  
  • Add Credibility with Testimonials – You can show off your testimonials while the visitors remain engaged in a conversation. It will help you to improve the trust and credibility of your brand.   
  • Funnel Drop Statistics – Well, this is another useful feature that lets you know exactly where your visitors are dropping off from your pages and fix it immediately to maximize conversions. 

Geo-Tag your Visitor – With this feature, you can easily track which region your visitors visit your site. Thus, you can surprise your visitors by mentioning their location name in your greeting message. 

  • Converse in any language – With ConvoBots, you can create sites in any language of the world and thus, in this manner, can give a global appeal to your site through this feature.   
  • Retargeting codes – You can add retargeting pixels to a specific campaign and maximize your conversions from visitors visiting your site.    
  • Add videos – Without a video, a site looks very dull. Thus, with this premier too, in hand, you can easily add videos to your conversation all easily by pulling them from YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.    


ConvoBots Review: Well, there you have it, so if you are looking for boosting your website traffic and conversion without needing to invest much in paid ads and by reducing bounce rate, then indeed ConvoBots is the ideal tool for you guys.  

This premier tool helps you minimize your website’s bounce rate and accelerate the overall traffic flow to boost conversion from your targeted customers. 

Well, here you are, getting this software at a much-discounted price, so for what the heck are you waiting? Just grab your order and start feeling the difference.