Buying medicines online from Truemeds

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With buying medicines online having become frequent, tonnes of medicines delivery apps have joined the industry. Every app has its own marketing strategy to attract customers. Free & fast delivery, small discounts, and promo codes are few strategies to name. Buying medicines online from these apps comes with advantages and disadvantages. 

Among tonnes of medicines delivery apps in India, only a few sell quality medicines. One such app selling quality medicines is Truemeds. Truemeds is India’s first online pharmacy that guarantees to reduce the cost of your medicine up to 72% and supplies 100% quality medicines from India’s top 30 medicine makers. Truemeds understand its customer and provide a reliable healthcare environment. 

But why would you trust Truemeds among so many medicines delivery apps in India?

Let us take you through a tour of buying medicines online from Truemeds.

If you or your family member is suffering from any allergies, ordering levocetirizine might help. 

Levocetirizine is a generic medicine used as an antihistamine for treating allergy symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, redness, and sneezing. The effect of consuming levocetirizine to relieve allergy can last for 28 hours. 

Adults and children of age 10 or older suffering from small cold allergies are usually prescribed levocetirizine 5mg once a day. Levocetirizine 10 mg is given for chronic allergies such as conjunctivitis, hay fever, eczema, hives, etc., and is taken once a day.

Buying medicines online from Truemeds: Levocetirizine 

  • Go to the Play Store or the AppStore on your mobile phone and install the Truemeds app.
  •  Open the app after installation. Go to the search options and search for the medicine levocetirizine. 

 Levocetirizine is a medicine that needs a valid prescription for its purchase. 

If you have the prescription, take a picture and upload it on the app. You can upload your prescription directly on the app and let the app do its work.

Do not worry if you don’t have a prescription. The doctors from Truemeds will contact you to assist you further. 

You can choose a call to order as an option if you want to consult a doctor about your allergy or want to know more about the medicine. The service is free of cost.

  • After searching for the medicine, you will see several options for levocetirizine. Choose one according to your convenience or budget.

Truemeds supplies medicines from 30 different drug makers, which means it has several options for a single medicine. These medicines are all tested and approved by CDSCO

Cost-effectiveness on these medicine options ranges from a discount up to 60%. 

  • Add your chosen medicine to the cart and proceed to checkout. You can add more medicines if you want to.

Truemeds provides you with coupon codes on several occasions. If you have one, then do not forget to save more money.

  • Add your address and choose a payment option that suits your convenience. Voila! Your order is completed.

You can even choose a cash-on-delivery option for buying medicines online from Truemeds. The whole process of buying medicines online from Truemeds takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

Truemeds understand your urgency and delivers medicines safely packed within 48-72 hours of ordering.

In this way, Truemeds is the best app for buying medicines online among all medicines delivery apps in India. Try it now!

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