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All about “Bestow Life Insurance” – 

What are the aims of Bestow?

Bestow life insurance was established in 2016 and its services are shared in all states excluding New York. This insurance company provides different term policies within the range of 10 to 30 years. It provides instant service to those who qualify by applications that are available online.

Bestow life insurance does not ask for medical exams, instead, it works from the large data that you submit. By this, the work gets quicker and easier. All you have to do is to answer the questions asked by the website which the company can then use to set up the cost and to make conclusions. Bestow life insurance is aimed at making life insurance easy and simple.

They want to eliminate all kinds of difficulties and complications. The applications of Bestow life insurance are very friendly to use and instant. But the coverage amounts offered by Bestow life insurance for the customers are limited.

Bestow Life Insurance

What are the costs of Bestow life insurance?

The cost of Bestow life insurance is not the same for everybody. It varies for different people because the costs depend on many factors. These parameters include age, weight and height, gender, health conditions, and choose term length.

The programs offered by Bestow life insurance are more expensive as compared to medically underwritten policies. The costs are high because Bestow does not ask for medical exams for its customers.

Two types of coverage are offered by Bestow life insurance, the 10 or 20-year coverage, and the 3-year coverage. Both are discussed below:

10 or 20-year coverage policy

It is the coverage suitable for those who are looking for long-term life insurance. The premium cost for this coverage starts from $8 per month. This coverage of Bestow life insurance has a maximum coverage of $1 million. Whereas the minimum coverage offered is $ 50k.

Bestow Life Insurance

2-year coverage policy

The coverage is short-term and is suitable for those who are on doing people, students, or someone who has set up a new business. The premium cost for this coverage of Bestow life insurance starts from $3 per month. The policy has a maximum coverage of $500k. Whereas the minimum coverage offered is $ 50k.

What are the characteristics of Bestow Life Insurance?

Easy payment methods available

The online methods of payment available in Bestow life insurance make the payment quicker and easier for the customers. The option for payment through google play, Apple play, and credit cards are available for Bestow customers.

Algorithmic underwriting

This process does not require the real person named as an underwriter for making decisions by checking your application manually as seen in other insurance companies. Algorithmic underwriting removes the human bias so that the application can be checked fairly. This makes the work instant and quick also.

Bestow Life Insurance

Medical Exam not required

The medical exam is not required in Bestow insurance, instead, simple and uncomplicated questions are asked and all you have to do is to answer them. There is no complex question, the questions are simple and related to health. When you are done with the medical questions, this program will work on the information gathered by your answers so that your personal risk can be determined to reach a quick conclusion.

What are the pros and cons of Bestow Insurance?


  • The platform is simple and friendly to use
  • Wide variety of policy options
  • Offered in most of the U.S states
  • 30 days guarantee for money back
  • Medical exams not required in this insurance


  • Not available in New York
  • Higher cost
  • No rider available
  • Age restriction in policies

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