Auto Repairs: How To First Check Out Any Local Garage


Everyone wants to find a suitable, honest, dependable local garage consistently provides good value for money. So, how do you go about finding one in your area? The good news is that following these four simple steps is possible. This reduces the likelihood of you using the incorrect ones, which will overcharge you. And the first step is to get personal recommendations, particularly from people who drive a car that is similar in model and make to yours.

Step 1 – Obtaining Personal Auto Repairs Recommendations

So you drive around in a car that few people own or operate. So, how do you get personal recommendations? It’s now that much easier. Simply email or text friends, relatives, and coworkers and ask if they know of anyone who drives a car similar to yours in your area. Give them your information and tell them you’re looking for a reputable garage in your area to service or repair your car. If they can’t think of anyone, have them ask their friends. They may, in turn, know someone. As the saying goes, you are only six people away from the person you want to contact or speak with. Please test it out. It is effective. The results will astound you. Now for the next step.

Step 2 – You now have a shortlist of potential auto repair shops.

So, what questions should you ask those who have just recommended a particular auto repair shop? Here are a few examples to get you started:

1. What do they particularly enjoy about auto repairs? Discover the reasons why.

2. How long have they used the garage for maintenance and repairs?

3. When was the last time they worked on their car? Have they used the same garage for any other auto repairs?

4. How did you find the service? Any thoughts? How did they get their car back? Was it tidy and clean?

5. Was it repaired on the same day and at the same time it was scheduled? Or do auto repairs always go over budget?

6. Were they aware of any additional auto repairs required before they were carried out? Did the auto repair shop provide them with a quote at the time, and more importantly, did they stick to it?

7. Was the invoice itemized and detailed for the auto repairs performed, including parts replaced? Were there any nasty surprises tucked into the bill that they weren’t aware of?

8. Was the service book stamped by the auto garage, and were there any other issues?

9. How did they reserve their car? Was there a long wait, say, more than a week, to book their vehicle?

10. Was the garage well-run, tidy, clean, and well-maintained? What was the staff’s general attitude? Were they friendly and helpful?

11. Have they had any reason to return to the garage and have some of the auto repairs re-examined?

Step 3 – Check out the auto repair shops and garages on your shortlist.

You now have a list of potential garages to use for your urgent auto repairs. You must now quickly vet all of these. First, call the auto repair shop and request a service quote for your vehicle’s make and model.

1. How long did you wait for the phone to be answered?

2. Were they specific and detailed about what is and isn’t included in the service?

In most cases, how the receptionists operate and interact with the public (i.e., customer service) reflects how the auto repair shop is run. Yes, the individual may be having a bad day. Even if they are, they must be professional and courteous when dealing with the public.

After a few days, you should quickly visit the auto repair shop. It’s best not to go first thing in the morning because you want to see how the auto repairs are going during a busy period. Simply return to the reception desk and request a quote for car servicing. Give them information about your car, for example. This is your final opportunity to ask any remaining questions:

How long is the warranty on any work done on your car? To get all the details, it is always best to use an example. This is to avoid any misunderstandings.

Inquire about what is and isn’t included in the service. You can now compare this to what was said earlier on the phone. Are there any distinctions? If there are, inquire as to why this is the case.

Determine where you will pick up the car after it has been serviced. You want your car to be parked in a safe location. And not down a winding side street where cars have trouble parking and passing.

As part of the small talk, ask them how long they’ve worked at the auto repair shop. Lead them on and see how they react to your comment, “It seems to be an amiable place, etc.” If they say yes, inquire as to how long the majority of the staff stays. Inquire about their most recent training.

After you’ve finished with the reception, take a look around:

1. Observe how phone messages are handled. Is it done systematically or haphazardly on a scrap of paper, for example?

2. Is all paperwork and documentation for each car kept orderly?

3. Are the bulletin boards neat and up to date?

Examine everything, including how you were treated in general.

Step 4 – The final test is now.

After you have completed the same process for all of the other auto repairs on your shortlist, you can now decide which auto repairs to pursue:

1. If possible, give your chosen garage a small auto repair job to see how they do it. Many also mention that a person recommended them with a such and such car who also uses them.

2. Mention the names of anyone who has given you a personal recommendation for that garage. This lets the auto shop know you’re a serious customer. Doing so ensures that they will do an excellent job rather than risking telling their other existing customers otherwise. Take them on at their own game.

Finally, if you have changed your car to a new one, especially if it is a different make and model, you may need to find another suitable auto repair for future servicing and repairs. However, you may be fortunate that the auto repair shop you currently use can also perform all servicing and repairs on your new car. Find out now if this is the case rather than when you desperately need a garage.

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