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Nowadays, most people are habituated to online shopping, and Wantable reviews will help share more details about it. It is becoming very difficult to go out to the stores and try some clothes and accessories there. But we always want to look nice. In that case, we can fulfill our needs by online shopping. So that you do not need to go out but can try and buy products as per your need. And Wantable is one of the most popular online services, perfect for everyone. 

About Wantableand wantable reviews 

This is an online service that provides clothes for both men and women. Specifically, it is a personal styling service that can be personalized your clothing as per your choice. They use technology, and their experts are very attentive to their work. The experts will pick some clothes as per the customer’s styles, size, and budget. 

Mainly, they have some plans, and you need to take a quiz. After that, as per your answers, the experts will choose some clothes sent to that box of clothing to their customers. Then the customer can try every outfit, but you need to pay only for what you want to keep. 

How Wantable works

You need to subscribe to their website by creating an account there, and the process is very simple. After that, just fill out a quiz, and as per the quiz, they will come to know about you and create a personalized box of clothes for you. 

Overview and Wantable reviews 

Rating: 4/ 5

So if you want to do some experiments with your clothing style and love to go shopping from home, then Wantable is perfect for you. 

Shipping and packaging 

Rating: 3 / 5 

When we do online shopping, it becomes very important to pack the products and the shipping process. It will take 7 to 10 days for the expert to clarify their customer’s customized clothes, and it takes 10 to 17 days to deliver that box of clothes. They sent seven items for you to try. 


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Rating: 3 / 5

We all are looking for discounts when we go shopping, and it has become very normal. As perWantablediscount reviews, if you take five or more products, they will give you a 20 percent discount! They give some discounts on some individual items as well. 

Customer Service 

Rating: 3 / 5 

This is very important to verify customers service before buying anything from any company. In that case, Wantableprovides the best possible customer service. They are available by phone and email and have an FAQ section to guide their customers. 

Other customer reviews 

Some people have already used their clothes, and some are very satisfied with their products, and some are not. Here are some reviews that can be helpful for our readers. 

•” I ordered a box of clothing as per their processes and I found myself very stylish with all the clothing they sent for me. So I am very happy and satisfied with this purchase.”- Molly J 

• “All products are not that good and some are not fit to my body as well. For me, my experience with this purchase is not so good”- Neo M 


As per the reviews, so many customers are very happy with it. The most beautiful thing about this company is that it focuses on the customer only. So as per our recommendation, you can try Wantable once, and it can be the reason for your smile. 

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