A good story outweighs the costs of film production.


There is no reason why you should not make an independent film if you have a compelling narrative to tell. With the proper filmmaking techniques, the correct script, the right people working with you, and a relatively small budget, you can make a low-budget film that can compete with the best of them on the festival circuit at places like Cannes, Toronto, Telluride, and the Sundance Film Festival. If your tale is captivating enough, consumers will overlook the low production value. What do you consider about film tv production.

People worldwide have never given up on their goals of becoming filmmakers, despite the challenges of working outside the mainstream film industry. They are dedicated filmmakers who feel that anyone with a grand narrative to share should be able to make a film. These ardent filmmakers have developed less expensive film production methods through their trials. This revolt arose from the anger of having their creative voices ignored for decades by huge film studios emphasizing commercialism over innovation.

The commercialism involved with films published by big Hollywood film companies these days is highly distressing to any director who regards their work as art. Nowadays, movies are thoroughly tested in advance to ensure that the studio investing hundreds of millions of dollars in them will not lose money. Unfortunately, this type of testing tends to narrow the field down to only a few types of movies in which they will invest, leaving no possibility for fresh concepts. True artists can never be pleased when their methods and subject matter are restricted.

Although the film industry combines storytelling and commerce, the story has always been the most critical component of the equation for the viewer. Unfortunately, the executives of the major film studios appear to have forgotten this fact, as they continue to produce films that are more about style than substance. People would prefer an excellent movie with a low production value to a terrible film with a high production value.

Talent and a solid tale are usually more valuable to moviegoers than an expensive aesthetic. People will take notice if you can merely have a solid story committed to film and submitted to film festivals. If your movie creates a buzz, it may lead to a distribution contract worth several times the money you invested.

After you have completed all steps of the film production process, you must locate venues where your film will be shown to the public. There is something known as the film festival circuit, and it is the last hope for people who wish to make independent films. Celebrities and huge studios have recently invaded more significant events like Toronto, Cannes, and Sundance, but they still make room for the tiny folks. Independent filmmakers remain the center of film festivals regardless of how much attention they receive.

Films like The Blair Witch Project show how a movie with a minimal budget but a great idea can make it to the big screen. This highly independent film was a significant hit at The Sundance Film Festival in the late 1990s, and it was all due to the plot. The film was shot and edited on video, then transferred to 16mm for the print required for festival screenings. The independent filmmakers who created this film spent only roughly 40,000 dollars making it and preparing it for Sundance. Although the production value was low, people couldn’t stop discussing how the narrative ended. It got much attention and was sold to a large film studio for $1.5 million. When the film was blown up to 35 millimeters and distributed to theaters around the country, the studio made $150 million.

Film festivals are sites where the playing field is balanced for all film industry participants. It’s an odd confluence of folks who want to break into the film industry and those who have had too much of it and want to be a bit less full of it. They yearned for the days when filmmaking was more of an art form than a business. As a result, they welcome indie filmmakers in their purest form. When this occurs, there is always the possibility that one of the underdogs will be thrust into the spotlight by the big players and praised. If this happens, it is always due to the film’s storyline, not the production value.

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