5 Things You are Missing if you aren’t Verified on Instagram or Facebook

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The use of social media continues to grow across different aspects of society. This, in turn, has increased its influence and features. People today open social media accounts for various reasons. With proper usage and features, one can use a social media account to achieve many objectives. Instagram and Facebook remain the top two amongst the different social media platforms in the digital world today. 

These platforms offer much more than just being a medium to socialize. They offer many features that can help individuals, brands, or businesses spread their influence. However, to enjoy these features to the fullest, one needs a verified account. Social media account verification can help in more ways than one. 

There are a lot of benefits to be enjoyed when one verifies their social media accounts. It is more than just a blue tick online. It goes beyond a seeming prestige. So, what are you missing if you are not verified on Instagram or Facebook? Let’s take a look at five of those things.

Verification increases your credibility

One of the major perks of social media account verification is the credibility and authenticity that it provides. Verification is proof that the platform recognizes you. It also signifies that you and your content are original. This breeds trust among followers and admirers. It also helps reduce content piracy. You can’t have that with an unverified account.

Verification increases your reach

Another reason to verify social media accounts is that it increases one’s reach organically. A verified account ranks higher in search results when a person searches online. You can be sure that once the person finds what they are looking for among the verified pages, they would hardly bother to check the unverified accounts. This gives verified accounts an edge over unverified ones

Verification helps to increase followers

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Content shared on a verified account reaches much more people online. As more people get to see your content, they are more inclined to follow the page. The blue tick also tells them that they are following the real page. This natural growth in followers is called organic growth, and it’s a lot higher for verified accounts.

Verification increases genuine engagement

Getting verified increases the reach of your account online. This leads to an increase in your follower count. Reaching more people means that more people are interacting with your account and content. This increased activity on your page is called organic or genuine engagement. It is one of the best ways to grow your presence.

Access across other platforms

The influence of Instagram or Facebook verification goes beyond the platform. A verified account on one platform makes it easier to get verified on another social media platform. For example, a verified Facebook account makes it much easier to get verified on Instagram.

A lot of people try many options in a bid to get their account verified. One easy and assured way to get verified is by hiring the services of a social media verification agency. Several digital agencies offer social media verification services. It is important to sign up with a reliable agency that can help verify social media accounts.

If you are a growing brand, social media account verification should be one of your top targets. You need a reliable digital agency to help you. You can enjoy the full benefits of a verified account and boost your brand or business online.


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