3 Ways An Online Mugshot Can Affect Your Personal Life


Having an Arrest Record and Online Mugshot Can Haunt You

Every year, an average of ten to eleven million people are arrested in the United States. A rather large number that encompasses everything from the one-off drunk and disorderly to more serious felony crimes. However, while over ten million are arrested every year and may be processed through booking, only a small fraction of that population serves time and smaller still serves serious time. Instead, what happens most often is that people go through the booking process and then serve as much time until they can make bail or are released on their own recognizance as they and the district attorney make some type of deal. An astounding 97% of cases end in plea bargains in which many people who have been arrested of crimes plea to the smallest charges in order to escape the severest of penalties.

So if the above story sounds familiar — a one-time arrest, a ton of charges, and a plea deal that you had serving little to no time — you aren’t alone. The problem is that while making plea deals can certainly seem worth it when you’re looking down the barrel of multiple years in state prison, accepting a plea deal often means that you’ll have an arrest record. And most who have an arrest record will at some point want to find out how to remove arrest record. That’s because an arrest record is no longer something private between you and the state, an arrest record now means that stand to have your mugshot and full criminal record posted online for anyone to easily find. 

3 Ways an Online Mugshot Can Affect Your Personal Life

If your name and mugshot can be easily searched for online, then it is important for you to look at how to remove mugshots from Internet for free. That’s because if you don’t, that record can have some very serious, very negative impacts on your personal life. The following is a look at just three ways in which an online mugshot can affect your personal life:

  1. Online mugshots can prevent you from getting a job or promotion. Employers can search out your name and information and, even if your case was dismissed or you were found not guilty of the charges, your mugshot may still show up in online searches and employers may skip over you for that upcoming job.
  2. Online mugshots can make renting difficult. Being convicted of a crime isn’t a protected class and landlords may refuse to rent to you if they see your mugshot come up in online searches of your name.
  3. Online mugshots can scare away potential dates and friendships. Dating is difficult and many people will do a Google search on a prospective partner before getting serious. An online mugshot is apt to scare away potential relationships. 

Learn How to Remove a Mugshot for Free

Don’t let your past destroy your future. Contact our team today to learn more about how to remove a mugshot for free and how to boost your online reputation for a more promising future.