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Linny, the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming the Duckling, and Tuck the Turtle are popular classroom pets who answer distress calls from baby animals around the globe. Families can discuss how these characters use teamwork to solve problems and save other creatures while representing all of Earth’s animal species diversity.

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The Wonder Pets take on an ambitious task when they respond to a baby monster’s call for assistance, thinking they must use their special powers to assist him, but ultimately, they realize that teamwork is critical in finding solutions to his issue.

Linny, Tuck, and Ming Ming answer a call from Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland, who requests their assistance because one of her flippers has become lodged against a rock. Linny, Tuck, and Ming Ming accept the challenge and travel to Venice using a gondola to save her.

A flamingo in Jamaica calls out for help when he gets trapped inside a coloring book. The Wonder Pets quickly transform into bee-size and help him free himself with crayons. They then travel to Coney Island in New York, where they save a squirrel from becoming a rider on a Ferris wheel, plus take a tour of an aquarium’s whale tank before helping one lobster escape its trap!

In the city, Ollie and his classmates must help clean up an abandoned lot and plant an ornamental garden. Meanwhile, Ollie disappears into a magician’s hat; when that doesn’t work, they travel to Wonderland to rescue a cat from an eccentric tea party.

When a whale and his friends become entangled in a fishing line, the Wonder Pets go underwater to save them. After gently tickling the whale to release them from his bonds, the Wonder Pets are rewarded with tasty fishy treats as thanks.

During their summer vacation, the Wonder Pets help three performing rats get their act together. After impressing Penguin Ringmaster, he offers them jobs at his circus, but they soon realize they miss being heroes and decide to help another school instead.

The pets embark on an adventure through desert and prehistoric periods, helping a thirsty camel back to its oasis and saving a baby triceratops from its keepers. Finally, they make their way to the ocean, where they accidentally get swallowed by a whale before being rescued by blowfish and seahorses from being eaten themselves and are later treated to an underwater chorus performance!


The Wonder Pets are an imaginative group of creatures who save animals while having fun. Voiced by an array of talented animal actors – among them an outgoing guinea pig named Linny, slug-like rats named Tuck, and girl bunnies named Ming Ming. Together, they travel around exotic locales looking for creatures in trouble while helping children with homework assignments or school projects.

The show occurs in a fictional petting zoo where the Wonder Pets reside and work. These unique individuals all possess unique personalities and interests, yet always work together as one unit to solve problems. Additionally, they strive to form friendships with all animals they meet, even those that may seem different.

Some of the animals they meet include a pigeon that has become stuck on the nose of Lady Liberty, a lizard changing color in Greece, and an unfortunate duck trapped on an island near Venice. At one point, they even receive a call from Humpty Dumpty, who is perched precariously on an edge in a pop-up book!

Linny is the group’s brains and constantly reminds the other pets to value teamwork. She’s self-assured and an effective leader, enjoying celery as her food of choice – she even volunteers as the first rescuer! After every successful mission, she loves celebrating with some celery! Linny loves celebrating after every successful mission with a celebratory feast, her catchphrase being, “This calls for some celery!”

Tuck and Ming-Ming are two slug-like rats who enjoy singing and dancing. Although they sometimes compete against one another, they’re always there when needed – always available when someone in need needs assistance from them! Tuck and Ming-Ming also work well as part of a team, quickly helping out when any of their own gets into difficulty.

The Wonder Pets travel to Antarctica to rescue a baby penguin trapped on an iceberg, then embark upon a magical storybook adventure to aid a unicorn with her horn stuck in a tree trunk. Furthermore, they visit New York City to assist a baby pigeon in prehistoric times to rescue a baby triceratops, as well as help a bee in a school garden collect her first set of nectar for its hive.


The Wonder Pets travel into Puppetland to rescue Little Red Riding Hood from Big Bad Wolf and help a bee in a school garden collect nectar for her hive for her first collection attempt. They travel to Coney Island to save a squirrel riding in a Ferris wheel before racing down roller coaster tracks with cotton candy-covered tracks. After that, the Wonder Pets travel to Venice using a gondola to rescue a kitten who has fallen through driftwood. The Wonder Pets help their old friend Baby Blowfish overcome her separation anxiety on her first day at Fish Preschool. Additionally, they travel into a clay diorama to assist a parrot separated from its peg-legged pirate companion. On Christmas Eve, a mouse king unexpectedly emerges from a picture book in their classroom and steals away their Wonder Pets’ nutcracker present. Angered, they travel to New York City in pursuit of him; once there, they help rescue a baby pigeon from atop the Statue of Liberty; head north into the tundra to rescue an orphan group of baby birds trapped under the antlers of moose; go west to into Himalayas to assist a goat sherpa rescue a baby snow leopard who had fallen behind; finally reach Himalayas for ultimate victory atop Mount Everest.

Linny tells Tuck, Ming-Ming, and Ollie how the Wonder Pets first began. They then travel back through time to see how all four friends first came together – they visit an English topiary lion to help free a baby hedgehog trapped within its jaws while flying to Southern China’s jungles to rescue a baby panda who has made her way up a bamboo tree!

The Wonder Pets receive a distress call from Humpty Dumpty, who is hanging precariously off of a wall inside of a pop-up book. Additionally, they hear from an injured tiger in India with a thorn stuck in her foot, needing an emergency vet appointment; then fly directly to an unfinished movie set where two bears performing a vaudeville show need assistance from them.

The Wonder Pets respond to a distress call from a kangaroo who’s trapped in her pouch, traveling to a circus to rescue its animals from cruel tricks performed by circus performers; also flying to a music studio so two cats and dogs may learn how to play drums and guitar.


Linny, the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming the Duckling, and Tuck the Turtle are classroom pets who respond to tin can calls from baby animals in distress somewhere around the globe. Their Flyboat (made out of playroom toys) races off on its mission to rescue these helpless babies and teach valuable lessons of teamwork and caring for others without using outdated tactics like other shows do; rather this one uses enthusiasm and humor instead – this show definitely beats Dora!

The Wonder Pets traveled to Costa Rica and saved a Gecko trapped in a tree, playing hide-and-seek with him and eventually becoming friends. Additionally, the Pets assisted a young girl scared of darkness by showing her that her closet monsters were only dreams.

Ming-Ming cannot stop dancing, and the Wonder Pets must try to help her, while at the same time, a Dalmatian is scared to slide down a fire pole. They fly to an Arabian desert storybook setting where they rub a Genie’s lamp to set him free and thank the Wonder Pets, each receiving one wish for helping.

Linny tells Tuck and Ming-Ming how they first formed an unlikely team. After traveling to a circus to aid one animal, they must also teach Cool Cat and Hip Hippo how to cooperate when both want to perform separately.

The Wonder Pets travel to an Old West town to assist a pony on her inaugural Pony Express delivery run as part of the Pony Express. While in New York City, they help a bird find its mother. In Venice, they rescue an egg teetering on the edge of a cliff before traveling onward to Prehistoric Park to assist a baby Triceratops!