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Pete Rose has personally autographed this Rawlings official MLB baseball, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity from JSA.

Sorry, I Bet On Baseball

Pete Rose became well-known during his time as both a player and manager for the Cincinnati Reds as a notorious gambler. Most of his gambling was kept under wraps until 1989 when Major League Baseball officials initiated an investigation of him for placing bets during games while playing and managing for Cincinnati, leading to him receiving an indefinite ban from both baseball (as well as induction into its Hall of Fame).

John Dowd was informed about Rose’s activities by a bookie and began interviewing his associates and compiling what became known as the “Dowd Report.” This document detailed Rose’s betting activity during 1987, including an account of all 52 Reds games bet upon daily by Rose himself.

Rose’s admission of placing bets on baseball games was met with strong criticism by some of his supporters, who felt betrayed by his decision to reverse 15 years of denial as part of an autobiography publicity campaign and also linked it with his bid for reinstatement in baseball.

Rose noted in his book that while playing for and managing the Reds, he bet on baseball and other sports – always betting in favor of them! Although he said he didn’t regret his gambling habits per se, he was sorry for ruining other players’ careers due to them.

This Official Major League Baseball has been hand-signed by Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds. It comes complete with an official James Spence Authentication (JSA) hologram and Certificate of Authenticity, as well as Total Sports Enterprises’ 100% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee.

Hit King

Pete Rose considered one of baseball’s greatest hitters, still holds the record for career hits with 4,256 in MLB history. Rose played for both Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies – helping lead them to win the 1980 World Series championship together – but most notably Philadelphia, where he helped lead them as team captain to take home that championship trophy in 1980. Collectors treasure his autograph, and it can often be found signed onto baseballs, photographs, memorabilia, or appearing as a guest announcer for WrestleMania events!

Pete Rose was once one of baseball’s most beloved players, yet his reputation suffered due to allegations of illegal bets placed on games he played in. These allegations led him to suspension in 1989 and subsequent ineligibility from induction into the Hall of Fame until 1997 when reinstatement enabled him to return without eligibility for installation into that honorable institution.

An autographed baseball by Pete Rose is a rare find, yet it can still be purchased for reasonable prices. An authenticated Pete Rose signature will typically sell for more than non-authenticated ones.

To verify the authenticity of a Pete Rose signature, ensure it comes with an authenticated certificate from a reliable company. Authenticated signatures usually feature a tamper-evident hologram. Furthermore, please keep it away from direct sunlight, which could cause it to fade over time.

Pete Rose remains a beloved sports figure in America despite being banned from baseball, often appearing in Las Vegas, signing autographs with customers, and offering them his services to sign any request he gets – making him an ideal addition to any collection! Additionally, he owns some unique memorabilia, such as his Louisville Slugger bat that bears an inscription that reads “Hit King 4256 ROY 73 MVP 75 WS MVP,” an item must-have for any true baseball fanatic!

1963 ROY

Pete Rose has long been one of the most significant figures in baseball. Considered one of the all-time great hitters, leading the Philadelphia Phillies to their 1980 World Series win was unmistakable. Unfortunately, his reputation was forever damaged when he refused to admit placing bets against his team – keeping him out of Hall of Fame status for almost two decades.

Rose made his National League debut with 170 hits, 25 doubles, and 41 RBI to earn the NL Rookie of the Year award in 1963. Over 17 years as second baseman/third baseman/first baseman, he went on to win three batting titles/Gold Gloves as well as 17 All-Star games appearances – becoming an all-time leader for hits (4,256), games played (3562), at-bats (14,053) – earning his nickname: Charlie Hustle.”

Rose retired as a player in 1984 and quickly assumed player-manager duties for the Cincinnati Reds, compiling an 18-22 record over two seasons as both player-manager and head coach. He is one of only a few athletes to serve simultaneously as both.

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This baseball is in NRMT condition and was professionally cleaned to preserve it for future generations. It has a UV-protected display case to ensure long-term enjoyment, featuring its inscription: ‘Baseball Writers Association of America 1963 Rookie of the Year Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds.” It makes an incredible collectible item and will indeed become treasured over time! A must-have for any true fan of Pete Rose or baseball! This will become a timeless collectible.


Pete Rose made a living signing autographs for fans even after being banned for life from baseball for betting, with an extensive portfolio of balls, jerseys, memorabilia, etc, bearing his signature that can be found throughout Cincinnati Reds’ “Big Red Machine of the 1970s”. This signature can be found across baseballs, jerseys, and memorabilia bearing it, though most valuable are connected with him from those items related to the Big Red Machine era of his baseball career.

Pete Rose remains one of the greatest baseball players ever. With 4,256 career hits to his name and his legendary managerial skills and commitment to victory, Rose remains revered among baseball historians as one of its greats. His famed 4,256 hits made him one of the most recognized players, but his talents extend far beyond baseball alone. He was widely known for his intense focus on details while remaining unwaveringly dedicated to victory.

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As with any autograph, proper storage is critical to avoid damage over time. Keep it cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight; additionally, purchasing from someone reputable, such as PSA/DNA, Steiner Sports, Mounted Memories, or JSA, is advised.

Pete Rose has long denied placing bets on baseball games, which was one of the reasons he was banned from MLB for life. Admitting guilt would help soften his punishment and could help open doors to induction into MLB Hall of Fame in due time; until that occurs, he will still make money by signing autographs for fans and collecting fan donations.