Designer Harnesses For Your Dog


Designer dog harnesses provide comfort, safety, and control during walks for your furry companion. A harness helps avoid pulling on your pup’s neck or throat and promotes natural body movement. Find the best designer dog harnesses.

Our tester found this harness comfortable and soothing when used on his lively pup. The hug-like fit decreased pulling, while its easy one-handed attachment allowed for simple leash management.

1. Pupteck’s Soft Harness

[NO PULL NO CHOKE]-This harness evenly distributes stress points across the chest and shoulders to minimize neck friction and keep your dog comfortable. Plus, its cushioned design allows him to breathe freely, and the metal D-ring links easily with leash hooks for solid control.

[Lightweight and Breathable]-This harness leash set is made of high-grade polyester and air mesh fabric for breathability and softness, providing freedom of movement without feeling constrained. It is perfect for four-season wear, keeping pets cool in summer and warm in winter!

Step-in harness designs make getting your dog ready for walks easy and quick, while double D-rings add strength and security during walks together to prevent pulling or choking during their adventures.

2. Pet Safe’s Easy Walk Harness

With its patented martingale loop and front chest leash attachment, this harness is specifically designed to stop pulling by leading your pet sideways and redirecting their attention back towards you. Perfect for light to moderate pullers, it avoids the risk of choking, strangulation, and coughing associated with back-attachment collars or harnesses.

The front-chest leash attachment prevents pulling by applying gradual pressure to your dog’s shoulders, enabling you to redirect their focus. Neoprene padding reduces chafing while multiple adjustment points ensure an ideal fit – plus, this harness comes complete with its training guide!

PetSafe’s Easy Walk Harness is risk-free and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind should anything go amiss with its fit or your pup mistake it for a chew toy. Their customer care experts are always ready to assist, so try it now and let the fun begin!

Pepper and her human found this harness ideal, as it prioritized comfort over everything else. In particular, it prevented gagging, choking, and strangulation, often seen with no-pull harnesses that attach directly to the neck – providing even greater peace of mind for both pet and owner alike. Furthermore, its deluxe version added neoprene padding for even greater comfort! Its sizes range from 12″-46″, making it suitable for most breeds and sizes available – pairing this one with a standard collar can provide added control when necessary, and for added low light visibility, add reflective strips to both elements as an extra safety measure when needed!

3. Petmate’s Classic Hiking Harness

This sleek step-in harness is easy and quick to put on, making it an invaluable aid when dealing with unruly dogs. The durable straps come equipped with reflective stripes for added safety, while its chest piece keeps force distributed across your pet’s body rather than being focused on his neck. Plus, its leash connects securely via double metal D rings instead of just one clip, decreasing the chances of escape!

This longtime favorite harness is easy and comfortable for squirmy dogs to use and offers multiple size options. Simply lay it flat on the ground, place your pup’s front paws through its openings, pull up on its chest, and click shut with its plastic adjustable slides for custom fitting and room for growth for puppies—plus its heavy-duty stitching offers long-term quality!

This harness was specifically created to address pulling. It features a control loop at the back of the collar to hold onto your pup and prevent them from using all their weight to drag you along. Furthermore, there’s a front D ring designed to connect to car seat belts (though manufacturers advise against doing this with untested vehicles). Customers have reported significant reductions in pulling behavior as well as improved ability to manage pets; however, training remains key if desired results cannot be met by using harnesses alone.

4. Pet Safe’s Easy Walk Harness with Chest Loop

This harness discourages pulling by attaching the leash directly to the front chest strap instead of your pup’s throat. Quick and easy to put on, this product comes in various sizes that should suit almost every breed—simply measure your pup’s girth (the widest part around its chest) for an exact fit!

The Balance Harness features a front martingale loop and back ring for walking or jogging your pup, providing maximum comfort without restricting his movements. Perfect for dogs who pull, it features padding in high-friction areas for added skin protection while making tight fits easier on pet parents!

Beth DiMeccio of Family Dog Rescue tested this harness with shelter dogs at Family Dog Rescue and found the chest strap low enough to prevent coughing or gagging, making it particularly suitable for use on severe pullers while remaining versatile enough for casual walks or jogs.

Adjustable shoulder and chest straps are designed to distribute pressure evenly across your dog’s back and chest, so it’s comfortable for both large and small breeds. Quick and easy to put on, plus its belly strap is distinguished from other parts by being colored differently, so there won’t be any confusion as to which part goes where. Plus, it’s machine washable, which is excellent for keeping things looking and smelling great!