Solo Farming in the Tower – Chapter 37 is Here!


An unexpected tower appeared in the bustling city, tempting the people with promises of riches. Sejun, an ordinary young man living an average life, was invited into its dungeon, where he quickly became excited by its promise of wealth, only to become trapped inside by seeds alone and soon found himself helpless against its power.

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Are you an Enthusiastic fan of solo farming in the Tower Manga? Chapter 37 has arrived! Fans can now access it online at its official website but will require a premium account in order to gain entry.

Readers will witness Sejun as he embarks on his next adventure within a mysterious tower featuring treacherous terrains and menacing creatures, yet also offering riches and untapped opportunities. Sejun leads a regular life but eagerly embarks on this new journey; unfortunately, his efforts at becoming rich quickly fade as soon as he becomes trapped inside its walls – having only a handful of seeds at his disposal to fight for survival!

Solo Farming in the Tower’s previous chapter focused on food, friendships, and an unexpected gift from another survivor. Sejun was able to cook delicious food using his unique pot from Salescat Theo, as well as harvest his first crop of magical cherry tomatoes!

Chapter 36 introduced another formidable adversary – an enormous plant. Sejun faced great difficulty defeating this beast with just his sword and fire magic alone; however, eventually, he gained the ability to summon non-human creatures for assistance as well.

Sejun has not given up his determination to survive in the dungeon despite these setbacks; in fact, he has begun building his own home in the tower while gradually learning farming skills. Solo Farming in the Tower will likely feature additional conflicts between Sejun and his fellow survivors in its next chapter.

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Solo Farming In The Tower is a thrilling fantasy and supernatural manga with an engaging storyline that has won over an impressive following. Fans eagerly anticipate its next chapter release; no official date has been set as of yet, but we expect it to arrive sooner rather than later.

One day, an unsettling tower appeared suddenly in the city and soon became known as a “dungeon.” Though dangerous and full of rough terrain, its treasures made up for any risks taken to enter it. Sejun was invited by chance into this particular dungeon in hopes of becoming rich. Unfortunately, however, upon entering it, he becomes trapped inside with only himself and some seeds as companions; to survive, he must learn how to grow crops, gather supplies, and create his survival plan!

This manhwa is both relaxing and soothing to read despite featuring cute monsters (tall versions of woodland animals). It is not the ideal manga for action fans or those seeking a fighting storyline; it is more an engaging agrarian tale with exciting plotlines and twists!

Sejun stands out among farmers as an exceptional cultivator due to his ability to engage non-human animals as allies in his fields, speeding up growth rates and increasing yield. Furthermore, Sejun makes friends among tower residents, which helps him overcome various challenges that he encounters in farming.

Chapter 36 takes place against a celestial backdrop and invites reflection, with Sejun reflecting upon his relationships and those of their families, further developing the narrative and captivating readers. Sejun’s protectiveness towards Aileen stands out, mirroring that of a parent towards their child.

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Raw Scans

Solo Farming in the Tower’s latest chapter features an unforgettable, heartwarming scene that will have you reaching for tissues. Sejun saves a baby bear who wandered too close to the edge of a cliff before it fell, showing both strength and compassion – this scene also provides more details on the rules governing Sejun’s questing and farming activities in this particular tower.

Fans are eagerly anticipating reading the next chapter of this compelling manga. Unfortunately, an official release date has yet to be set; for now, you can read chapters online via Naver’s website, with recent episodes available via their homepage or by searching with their advanced search function.

Fans who are eager to read Solo Farming in the Tower are often eager to read its latest chapter as soon as it is officially released in order to avoid spoilers and raw scans published prior to that point. Raw scans often contain minor errors and lack polish and may also be posted on Reddit before reaching other platforms.

Solo Farming in the Tower takes place in an unconventional world. One day, an unsettling tower appeared suddenly in a city. Within its walls were dangerous monsters, rough terrain, and treasures galore; an adventurer’s dream come true! Solo Farming in the Tower follows this quest of survival and discovery on this dangerous yet rewarding adventure journey.

Solo Farming in the Tower is a manga series that blends elements of action, adventure, and fantasy into an exciting reading experience. With a captivating narrative and gripping storytelling that has captured audiences worldwide, Solo Farming in the Tower should be on every manga fan’s reading list.

As this is an ongoing tale, the latest chapter was released on June 6; if you want to keep track of when it will become available, visit our site – we will update this page as soon as it becomes available.


Solo Farming in the Tower has attracted an immense following since its debut. Readers are drawn in by its blend of action, adventure, and fantasy genres; Sejun’s story follows him stranded inside an incomprehensible tower with nothing but seeds for survival – fighting to protect himself while farming, collecting resources, and devising an exit strategy from the said tower.

Brother Lim and Lee Hae-kyung’s captivating tale was written and illustrated with incredible talent by, two talented individuals who brought this astonishing world alive through stunning artwork. Their joint efforts garnered immense praise from readers eagerly awaiting chapter three!

Chapter 36 marks an exciting turn as its narrative explores friendship and gratitude. A simmering food fight prompts Sejun to step beyond just survival, and soon after, the tower’s setting changes from a boss battle to an unexpected quest – highlighting how vital connections formed within manhwa can be. A mysterious gift from one of his companions adds another layer of intrigue, further emphasizing this central idea of the tale.

Solo Farming in the Tower can be read online through official platforms, including Line Webtoon and Naver Series. Premium subscriptions give access to complete chapters; free chapters may also be read. Furthermore, ManhwaTop provides English translations – making this website an invaluable source of comics in English! Also offered here is ManhwaTop’s selection of English comics, which give even greater immersion into Solo Farming in the Tower’s world!