Sole Press Machine


Sole press machines are essential tools in shoe production, providing a strong bond between the outsole and upper material, producing long-lasting and reliable footwear.

Our sole press machine features an automated system for marking lasted uppers. Its foot pedal operation makes for precise marking, while its hydraulic system can be easily customized to accommodate various sole types and sizes.

Pressure Bar

Sole press machines feature pressure bars designed to ensure uniform and even pressing of shoe uppers against soles, cutting time, and labor requirements for creating strong bonds between upper material and sole. This specialized piece of equipment is vital for footwear production and improves product quality.

This machine features a hydraulic system with an automatic balance that ensures uniform pressing force on both front and back soles, along with a foot press device for convenient pick-and-place operation. Furthermore, its pressure bar can be easily adjusted to accommodate various shoe styles and shoe-toe shapes.

The sole-attaching press machine utilizes a high-pressure hydraulic system to ensure a strong bond between the shoe upper and sole without risking damage to either during last. With its hydraulically adjustable forming bands and customizable length settings, this machine makes an excellent addition to footwear production.

This machine features an advanced refrigeration unit to provide efficient cooling throughout its lengthy production process. Furthermore, its patented design offers an easy-to-use control panel, enabling operators to optimize production while increasing productivity and decreasing production times. Furthermore, its complete oil design provides exceptional press and gluing performance.

In addition to its primary pressing mechanism, this machine features two independent pincers that can be independently adjusted to accommodate various shoe-toe shapes. Furthermore, a removable auxiliary support plate serves to shield shoes from heat while guaranteeing an even and lasting result.

De-Lating Jack is an integral component of this shoe press machine, efficiently unlacing shoes from their lasts and increasing productivity while decreasing labor requirements. With user-friendly operation and versatile compatibility options that suit any footwear production company, its user-friendly operation and patented hydraulic system ensure that shoes are removed gently without damage to the material.

Automatic Shift

Sole press machines with an automatic shift feature allow shoemakers to process multiple shoes at the same time without manually shifting each of them into position, speeding up sanding processes and improving production efficiency.

A feed hopper is mounted at one end of a slanted operating table or platform (left end in FIG. 1) and receives and retains a stack of individual shoe soles. It features upstanding plates 54 and 56 that generally converge downward toward a back panel 58 to obtain and keep them, along with a guide surface 50, which rests against each shoe sole to limit contact between shifted and non-shifted soles and allow all to be moved out simultaneously in one operation.

The hopper features two spaced, movable feed fingers, 70 and 72, that are configured to shift the bottom sole out of its current location in the hopper. Each of the shifted feed fingers features an L-shaped forward upper-end portion 71 or 73 that projects above hopper front edge surface 38 adjacent to slot 46, with beveled edges designed to lift overlying soles off shifted bottom shoe sole in order to minimize or eliminate frictional drag between it and resting soles resting thereon.

Pressure from valve 296 moves the carriage by activating cylinder 296, also raising feed fingers to an elevated position by extending cylinder 116 and simultaneously shifting the revving abrading cylinder to engage the heel area of the sole clamped in the center platform before closing the clamp and keeping the sole in place.

A sole press machine features a slanted table equipped with a small retaining hook 200 (FIGS. 7 and 11). This hook serves to catch soles that have been moved out of position by shifting, with beveled stop surfaces leading up to ledge 204, where clamp subassemblies are located, and beveled stop surfaces provide support.

Automatic Deflection Angle Positioning

This machine utilizes an automated deflection angle positioning design with front and back pressure heads to achieve automatic balance with hydraulic connectors. Furthermore, its deflection angle is automatically adjusted for easy pick-and-place of shoes, especially during sole attachment processes – saving both labor costs and effort!

Deflection angle positioning uses a Bourdon tube to detect pressure, with the time required for rotation from zero pressure position to actual pressure being monitored with an electronic counter. A start pulse and stop pulse, respectively, signal the beginning and end of measurement periods; during each pressure measurement cycle, counts from the electronic counter are transferred into buffer memory before finally being displayed on visual displays with actual pressure units as readings.

The system also incorporates a second light source and a photoelectric detector that are strategically positioned so that when the first mirror passes over a predetermined synchronization position, morning from this source reflected by it is picked up by both mirrors before being detected by the photoelectric detector, producing an electrical pulse and automatically resetting electronic counter at the end of the measurement period so that pressure values can be displayed for reading on the display screen.

Adjustable Pressure

Adjust the level of pressure applied to each shoe using this machine with its adjustable pressure bar to create a customized and precise fit. Its user-friendly interface and energy-saving design make operation straightforward, while power consumption is significantly reduced thanks to energy-efficient technology. Plus, its compatibility with all types of footwear offers excellent versatility and efficiency!

This specialized tool eliminates the need for manual cementing, saving both time and improving shoe production quality. It features an automated lubrication system to maintain constant lubrication of moving parts to reduce friction and wear and tear and maintain high standards of performance and reliability.

With adjustable pressure and timing settings, this shoe-lasting machine can meet the specific molding needs for various shoe products and molding specifications. Its dual pressure system ensures even lasting areas and superior shoe quality, while its hot/cold system enables molding of counter stiffeners of any kind.

This machine provides more than just pressure adjustment; its automatic temperature control system and projection lamp ensure accuracy and consistency during the lasting process. Thanks to its advanced technology and sturdy construction, shoe manufacturers will find this an invaluable investment.

This machine provides an efficient solution for pressing shoe insoles and pads with firm joints between the insole and midsole, as well as user-friendly operations and energy savings – essential requirements of any footwear maker.

The machine features a series of airbag assemblies into which high-pressure gas can be directed. These airbags are constructed from pressure-resistant material to withstand significant amounts of pressure. Once expanded, these high-pressure airbags exert pressure onto sole and shoe materials simultaneously with movements from the sole-forming machine, creating an even and consistent bond.

This machine uses a 6-nozzle steamer and humidifier to soften uppers, shortening production time and increasing output quickly. Its high-temperature heaters produce steam within 5-7 minutes for quick softening and efficiency. Furthermore, its water shortage alarm can detect insufficient water supplies to warn workers, helping avoid problems during production processes. Plus, its stainless-steel body makes it a reliable choice in demanding environments.