Solo Farming in the Tower – Chapter 18


Solo Farming in the Tower is an engaging manga that chronicles Sejun’s adventures as he endures obstacles within an intricate tower environment, using his unique abilities and cultivating meaningful friendships as tools of survival.

This week’s installment offers moments of intrigue, gratitude, and reflection for readers to discover on the Naver Webtoon site, which serves as the primary platform for this captivating manhwa series. Readers can access Chapter 36 there.

Blue Moon

Park Sejun was taken aback when he entered the tower for the first time and found that it wasn’t anything like what he expected – instead of finding himself inside an ornate medieval fantasy royal palace, he found himself transported into an earthen plain that resembled a forest terrain.

He looked out upon the 732 rapidly growing cherry tomato trees and was filled with pride at what he had accomplished. Soon enough, those trees would begin producing fruit, yet venturing outside still presented danger from monsters lurking nearby.

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The Gate Guardian

Towers are monumental structures found throughout cities worldwide that bring people from around the globe together for one goal – leveling up quickly without spending real money! A tower attracts random participants from the world as it summons them through randomly selected portals to gradually progress up its structure, giving each an opportunity to gain strength as they advance up its levels. A tower can provide an exciting way for players to level quickly without spending real money!

Damage mitigation skills are an integral component of leveling – they allow players to absorb incoming damage so that the enemy does not damage your actual health bar directly. Although damage mitigation scales with health, even when at low levels, it will make survival much simpler.

The use of a shield is another effective way to mitigate damage, providing time for healing between attacks. These items can either be found in your inventory or purchased using gold, and it’s essential when playing solo since having one can reduce overall damage significantly.

At levels 24-26, you can also compete in two avian nests located above the arena zone line in Lake Rathe. They spawn every six minutes and drop bronze weapons as well as gems; vendors are present nearby.

The Tower’s Environment

The Tower’s environment is one of the significant elements that contribute to its appeal. Nestled into South Dakota’s Black Hills, this national monument hosts both mountain and plains species – from grasses and shrubs to rare birds – that thrive here. While such diversity provides numerous ecological advantages for The Tower itself, it also presents some challenges, such as non-native plants invading native ecosystems along Belle Fourche River’s riparian areas and a decline in natural regeneration processes along its riparian areas.

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Sejun’s Character Development

One day, an unexpected tower appeared in the city. While many saw this tower as an external threat, others saw it as an opportunity full of hidden riches within. Sejun, one such individual, found himself trapped inside an unexplored section of this mysterious tower and now must fight to stay alive within it.

Sejun was filled with pride at seeing 732 quickly expanding cherry tomato trees, knowing they would one day yield significant fruit. Furthermore, Sejun was pleased that his Poisonous Honeybee Hive had attracted so many poison bees, with them patrolling around his cave less likely to encounter monsters than without.

On the other hand, Sejun was concerned for Soe’s well-being. Before setting out on another trade mission, he wanted to make sure she was safe and sound; Sejun found himself dwelling on thoughts about Soe and needed to force himself back to focus on his current activities.

As he worked, he heard the sound of fluttering wings coming from the Poisonous Honeybee Hive and knew this meant bees were awakening and beginning their daily tasks despite any worries; moreover, they seemed more energetic today.

He finished his work and rose from his chair. Before doing so, he grabbed a carrot from the pantry and handed it to the rabbits; as soon as one black rabbit took it from him, it immediately pressed its belly against its side as though to say thank you, while another leaped up as though to say: “Thank you!”

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