The Ultimate Guide to Playing Reiko in Super Smash Bros


Reiko requires an in-depth knowledge of his moveset in order to be played successfully, from footsie options to using his down four as an anti-air combo tool. We will cover everything in this article relating to Reiko, from playing effectively at his footsie to how best to utilize his down four as an anti-air combo weapon. The Interesting Info about All in One SEO Basic.

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How to play Reiko effectively

Playing Reiko to its full potential requires an in-depth knowledge of his moveset and mechanics, from footsies to conditioning your opponent – this guide covers it all so you can tap into Reiko’s full potential!

Reiko is a hybrid grappler and striker who deals significant damage from both ends. His combos begin with low-risk air juggles, which lead to hard knockdowns via his DP. Furthermore, Reiko offers solid projectile attacks that provide chip damage while opening up air combat opportunities.

He’s one of the best characters at landing attacks from corners, but you must learn how to fight with him at a distance. His forward two and back three attacks can serve as great wake-ups before unleashing his devastating DB3 as an excellent KO option – amplified to cause even more significant armor-chipping damage!

Reiko joined Shao Kahn’s army and helped conquer the Arnyek world of Kytinn species under his control. However, Reiko witnessed Shao Kahn manipulate Mileena for conquest of Earthrealm; she knew Mileena prophecies were nothing more than an excuse to use false prophecies from Earthrealm goddess. After Shao Kahn died, she cursed him out and joined the resistance movement against his empire.

The importance of footsies

Footsies is a term often heard in fighting games, yet its true purpose goes far beyond simply kicking an opponent when they’re on their back. Footsies are essential in developing your anti-air game as it denies your opponent the range they require to strike at you effectively – by moving in behind them while they remain on their back, using low or crouching medium kicks to block their attacks from hitting, and striking with counter moves when your opponents least expect it. Discover the best info about Rank Booster.

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Footsie can help strengthen emotional bonds while simultaneously encouraging mindfulness practice and stress relief. Utilizing sensory materials, like warm sand or smooth pebbles, to add sensory exploration can be highly engaging for feet – exploring temperature play via placing ice cubes or heated pads on feet can also add new dimensions to the footsie experience.

Conditioning your opponent

Conditioning your opponent is an invaluable way of staying one step ahead in any fight. Conditioning involves setting up patterns in which you set up an opponent to do specific actions so that when you break these patterns with an attack of your own, breaking those patterns and punishing your opponent becomes worth it – for instance, if the techs roll right twice consecutively before dodging attacks, anticipating that you might forward dash them; when this pattern breaks, and you grab them instead they will take much more damage than expected, making conditioning an excellent way to play defensively! Find the best Monthly SEO.

Building meter

Reiko’s playstyle revolves around zoning her opponent while building a meter. This can be accomplished using projectile zoning and punishing their attempts to approach through anti-air combos. Reiko can employ this strategy to gain control of his match by keeping his opponent at a distance and building a meter to cause significant damage. Furthermore, Reiko offers various techniques for punishing opponents who attempt to escape her attacks by jumping. Effective Reiko play requires using meters efficiently in order to consistently punish your opponents when they try to evade her attacks. You can install meters at various levels below the building-level meter – such as submeters for individual tenant spaces – depending on your desired resolution level.