Biohacking Products


Biohacking is the practice of finding safe ways to optimize one’s health. Examples include adding bulletproof coffee into your morning routine (to improve brain function) or trying young blood infusions (which could reduce or even reverse aging). Find out the best info about biohacking.

These tools often take the form of wearable devices and smartphone apps that collect and present data about an individual’s body. Our curated selection below also includes DNA kits that analyze saliva samples to provide personalized insights.

2. Fitness and Health Trackers

Biohackers looking to maximize their health, fitness, and mental performance require tracking their progress as part of the process. Thanks to innovative gadgets like the Sleep Tracker or Stress Meter they can more easily keep an eye on critical variables like sleep quality, stress levels or physical performance – key variables which play a role in biohacking success.

Oura ring makes the ideal present for biohacking enthusiasts, helping regulate and track sleep patterns as well as providing insights into their quality. Furthermore, it can reduce chronic stress effects, optimize metabolism, and support healthy glowing skin – not to mention give someone else some sleep!

Life Force Telehealth Service was co-founded by Tony Robbins (an avid biohacker himself), offering hormone testing kits to discover any foods or supplements that might be contributing to irritability, fatigue, poor concentration, or worsening overall health. Once results are in, customers are connected with healthcare professionals who will develop personalized wellness plans tailored specifically for them.

On a larger and more efficient scale, machines that read genetic patterns are used in advanced risk assessment tests like geneType for early detection of cancer in an individual.

4. Sauna Blanket

Taken one step further this portable tool takes infrared sauna trends one step further by elevating thermal energy to speed muscle recovery and promote glowing skin. Furthermore, it reportedly assists in stress relief, better sleep quality, and the release of “happy chemicals” that improve circulation.

Some features to keep an eye out for when selecting a sauna blanket are safety functions and timers that help avoid overheating, as well as how easily it can be cleaned, including whether or not a special cleaning spray can be used on it.

While some infrared sauna blankets require a cumbersome operating module, others feature a remote control to make changing settings simple and seamless. For instance, the HigherDOSE infrared sauna blanket is top-rated at temperatures up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit with eight display modes and comes equipped with a head towel and five detox wraps for an exceptional at-home sauna experience. Meanwhile, the Sharper Image sauna blanket adds vibrational and percussive technology (think massage guns) along with infrared heating – said to speed post-workout recovery and increase blood flow post-workout recovery and blood flow post-workout recovery post-workout recovery and increase blood flow post-workout recovery post-workout recovery post-workout recovery post-workout as well as speed post-workout recovery post-workout as quickly as possible post-workout.

5. Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil

Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil is an essential addition for bio-hacking enthusiasts looking to curate their supplement stack finely. As an excellent, pure and reliable source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), specifically caprylic acid which supports cognitive performance (1). Dave Asprey’s visionary approach to creating Bulletproof products guarantees its scientific rigor as well as quality assurance (2).

As opposed to MCT oil powder, this liquid source comes exclusively from coconuts without using any additional additives – meaning you will receive the highest-grade and most efficient MCTs possible.

As well as being pure and practical, this product is also tasteless and odorless – making it the ideal addition to beverages like coffee, smoothies, or meals. Plus, its performance-boosting benefits can be integrated into food and drink, from baking goods to beverages – making this versatile product indispensable for keto enthusiasts, intermittent fasting individuals, and athletes (4).