The Food Emporium and Amish Kitchen


Food Emporium & Amish Kitchen is known for its vast selection of non-electric items such as wood-burning stoves, soapmaking supplies, and Amish-made wooden furniture. In addition, they carry an expansive selection of cookbooks and practical housewares.

Amish Heartland Tours provides visitors with tours of Amish homes and farms or buggy rides through Amish country. In addition, Walnut Creek’s German Cultural Museum and Sugarcreek’s Alpine Hills Museum showcase local heritage.

Specialty Grocery Store

Food Emporium & Amish Kitchen is an unusual grocery store with an expansive selection of foods. I found many rare and hard-to-find items here, which made the trip worthwhile; however, their prices can be high, and maintenance needs improvement. I bought a flank steak with an expiration date of five days that turned out slimy when purchased!

This grocery store features an expansive selection of cheeses and meats from around the world and some of New York City’s best pasta. Additionally, fresh chicken can be purchased from their butcher counter, produce, and other grocery items.

Here, you’ll find some of the finest spices. This market is ideal for Middle Eastern and Indian groceries – everything from fresh mozzarella to an abundance of spice jars lining the walls – plus delicious fried chicken and baked flatbreads that you won’t find elsewhere!

This store also carries a selection of delicious desserts, such as pies. While their prices may be slightly higher than other stores, their wide variety of items makes this trip worthwhile – making this store an excellent alternative to the overcrowded and pricey Key Food on West 42nd Street.

Gourmet Gifts

This old-fashioned general store offers more than bulk food; they also feature handmade gifts from across the region, such as handmade aprons, oven mitts, quilts, and household goods handmade in Amish communities in Ohio – such as Heini’s all-natural cheeses as well as Ohio products – not forgetting cooking classes and demonstrations! Handicap accessible.

Shanti’s mom, Sudha, inspired this global-inspired gourmet, gift, and home decor boutique named in her honor. Here, customers will find products from around the globe- from aprons to tea sets- and facilities suitable for all occasions!

At this grocery store, they understand that the easiest way to win someone over is with delicious treats! Their wide range of gourmet gifts is sure to please even the pickiest shoppers – indulge your friends and family with delectable deli meats, baked goods, gourmet sauces, gift baskets, and more.

Imported Foods

Food Emporium has everything you need, from exotic fruits to classic cheese, regardless of your taste or budget. In addition, they provide an assortment of imported meats such as bacon, sausages, and pork chops, as well as pasta, rice dishes, and beans to satisfy every craving. Plus, they carry wine, beer, and soft beverages!

For sweet tooths looking for something sweet, the food emporium offers an extensive selection of cookies, pies, and cakes. Their full-service bakery team is also on hand to help make any custom orders you might have – or place an online or phone order.

Stay away from this place with an F rating. I was truly shocked that Key Foods and its manager, Steven Rouse, allowed this store to remain operational! What an embarrassment for them and this entire town! Insulting and unhelpful staff; plenty of other grocery stores available nearby that offer better services, knowing it is illegal under NYC law to bring non-service dogs into stores (yet they still allow this!)


Food Emporium & Amish Kitchen provides an assortment of American-made household goods. Many items are manufactured within and near Amish communities, providing many employment opportunities. In recent years, there has been an upswing toward purchasing American-made goods rather than cheaper imported versions; when large discount stores began stocking cheaply made items that wear out quicker than durable American-made ones, the balance tipped back in favor of Amish-made things.

Many Amish families live off-grid lifestyles and use old vintage kitchen gadgets and cooking utensils from previous eras to prepare family meals. Unfortunately, such items can be hard to come by on the internet; Cottage Craft Works is one of the few sources that offers traditional one-on-one customer service.

They spend decades exploring Amish back roads for vintage items to offer on their website for others to enjoy. Additionally, they also carry household products designed to simplify your life and encourage living a more prosperous, more self-sustainable existence without depending on modern conveniences as much.