Flagstaff Thai Restaurants


Thai cuisine is known for its delightful mix of sweet, sour, spicy, and salty flavors – and Flagstaff offers many excellent Thai restaurants to satisfy your cravings!

Flagstaff offers natural beauty, exciting outdoor recreation opportunities, and cultural treasures aplenty; everything needed for rejuvenation can be found here – but nothing beats enjoying an outstanding meal as part of that rejuvenating experience!

Pato Thai Cuisine

Pato Thai Cuisine features an open-concept interior, reasonable pricing, and an expansive menu featuring curry and noodle dishes, appetizers, and desserts. Their customer service is also known to be exceptional.

Flagstaff, an Arizona-based popular Thai establishment, combines fresh ingredients to craft delicious flavors in each dish they create, providing authentic experiences for even the most demanding palates. You can order food off their takeout menu – which offers everything from spring rolls and chicken curry to fried rice and vegetarian offerings.

One of the menu’s specialties is Thai eggplant with basil leaves, which has won great acclaim from customers for its balance of flavors and textures. Stir-fried with aromatic basil and house sauce featuring tangy oyster sauce as its foundation, this dish creates an irresistibly flavorful combination that will surely bring smiles of delight from its recipients.

At this Thai restaurant, the service is warm and attentive; the staff always strives to meet the needs of its guests. Furthermore, their knowledgeable team knows their menu inside-out and can answer all your queries or suggest the most suitable dish and level of spice for your meal.


Flagstaff Brewery has long been beloved among locals for its outdoor patio, expansive menu, and extensive beer selection. Locals love coming here for classic pub food like the Diablo Burger (named for nearby Diablo Ranch). And their delicious BBQ dishes will satisfy cravings for delicious smoked meats and refreshing beers!

This famous tap house and bar boasts an inviting heated outdoor patio and an intimate indoor dining room that seats 60 in downtown Flagstaff. In addition to this excellent tap house experience and happy hour specials, this bar and tap house are must-sees for beer enthusiasts in the area.

Flagstaff visitors who enjoy exploring world cuisine will undoubtedly want to stop at this restaurant, with its selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions.

Ewa’s is an oasis in northern Arizona, offering cozy patio dining with delicious food and friendly service that are sure to please. Their menu ranges from appetizers to desserts, featuring high-quality ingredients sourced directly from farmers’ markets in northern Arizona. Ideal for romantic dates and special events alike – Tom Yum soup is sure to please, while for something heartier, Shrimp Pad Thai has you covered – Ewa’s has something delicious in store.

Red Curry Vegan Kitchen

Red Curry Vegan Kitchen offers delicious Thai cuisine in an inviting atmosphere, including soups, curries, rice and noodle dishes, egg-free veggie rolls, and an extensive dessert selection. Perfect for families.

The food here is rich in antioxidants and nutritious spices and low in fat and sodium. All dishes are handcrafted using only top-quality ingredients, making this restaurant highly acclaimed by locals for its reasonable prices and mouthwatering flavors.

Vegan Thai Red Curry can be made easily at home using ingredients such as vegetables, coconut milk, and carefully blended herbs and spices. Not only is it delicious and ready in under 30 minutes, but this dish is also vegan-friendly – ideal for serving rice, quinoa, or zucchini noodles!

To create the sauce, saute onions on medium-high heat until tender (5-7 minutes), add garlic and ginger, and continue sauteing for another minute before stirring in red curry paste and red oelek/sriracha sauces before adding vegetables and simmering with coconut milk for several more minutes before topping with your favorite toppings!

Little Thai Kitchen

Little Thai Kitchen stands out among Westchester’s recent casual eateries by having its distinct aesthetic. Boasting a tight storefront, wood and brick walls, and strategic use of mirrors creates an imposing feel within an intimate dining area. Billy Rung makes sure every visit is pleasant with tasty food at reasonable prices – plus generous service from staff members who welcome newcomers like me with open arms.

The menu at this restaurant is diverse enough to meet every craving, offering dishes such as yellow curry, pad Thai, and tamarind catfish – as well as vegetarian dishes and drinks such as iced tea and americano that taste excellent. Plus, the staff is extremely welcoming!

If you’re craving something spicy, Lime Chili Shrimp will quickly satisfy that craving! Lightly breaded shrimp is perfectly balanced by its sauce with both sour and spicy notes for an irresistibly tasty bite.

This restaurant‘s extensive menu includes spring rolls and nam tok, along with noodles and fried rice dishes, chef specials such as panang catfish, basil lamb, and tamarind grouper; you can finish off your meal with sweet desserts or steaming cups of green tea to complete it all. Many visitors recommend it, with an average Google score of 4.3!